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Google Redirect Virus Removal Guide (Delete Google Redirect Virus)

Google Redirect Virus is a dangerous infection that can hijack your Google search results and redirect you to dangerous sites that distribute malware, spyware, rogue anti-spyware and other harmful programs. Once the virus takes over, you will not be able to use any search provider safely. Moreover, the infection is also known to use up to 100% or your system resources which will make it impossible for your computer to function properly.

The virus will also create a backdoor, so that other malware can enter your system without your notice. As soon as you realize your PC is infected, you need to terminate Google Redirect Virus.

google redirect virus  Remove Google Redirect Virus

How does Google Redirect Virus work?

Although this infection is often referred to as a virus, it is in fact a Trojan or a Rootkit. Google Redirect Virus may be caused by various types of TDSS Rootkits like Alureon, Tidserc, TrojaSpyLWin32/Chadem.A and others. Once the infection infiltrates your system, it will start hijacking your search results every time you try to look for information online. You will get redirected to various domains that may contain misleading information. Some of the sites that computer users have been redirected to include,, and others.

If you end up on a malicious page, you could be tricked into downloading malware which will be presented as a useful tool. You may also be convinced that you need to check your system’s status and download a rogue anti-spyware program. The virus has been in particularly linked to Fast Windows Antivirus, Windows Necessary Firewall and other applications that are aimed at making you waste your money on fake software.

Not all anti-virus programs can detect and delete Google Redirect Virus, because it injects itself into running memory processes, adds and deletes registry values, modifies hosts file and DNS settings. That is why you need to download a powerful anti-malware utility in order to uninstall Google Redirect Virus.

How to remove Google Redirect Virus?

It is important that you remove Google Redirect Virus as soon as you can. Since it is a serious malware infection you will have to terminate it automatically. Manual Google Redirect Virus removal is not something we would recommend unless you have advanced system knowledge. If you perform manual removal incorrectly, you may cause more harm than good to your system. Instead, you should download and install an anti-malware utility presented on this page. Once you launch it, it will scan your PC and detect all elements of the virus. The software will then eliminate Google Redirect Virus completely and you will be able to go back to safe Internet browsing.

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