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GOZI Trojan Removal Tips

GOZI Trojan is a very dangerous Trojan horse that may reside in your system without getting noticed. It may not exhibit any obvious symptoms or cause serious malfunctions. GOZI is a version of Zeus Trojan that targets computers in order to steal users’ private data. The threat is very good at staying hidden which allows the cyber criminals to use it as long as they need to. GOZI Trojan is distributed using various deceptive methods.

It is know that the malware can be downloaded as a spam email attachment or a malign software bundle. You may also infect your PC by clicking on corrupted links and entering unreliable pages. Regardless of how you got stuck with the parasite, you need to get rid of GOZI Trojan as soon as you can.

How does GOZI Trojan work?

The main purpose of the Trojan is to steal your personal data. That is why it tries its best to stay undetected. It is clear that if cyber criminals get access to your online banking account details, you will suffer financial losses. The crooks may use simulated login websites that record everything you type in, namely your login and your password. They may also overcome the SSL protocol protection that is usually used on the online banking sites. Moreover, the hackers are capable of exploiting the threat to intercept the registry and insert malicious codes, so that every keystroke and mouse click that you make gets recorded.

GOZI Trojan first appeared in the United Stated back in 2012. It has stolen sensitive data from credit union customers all over the country. The threat has infected at least thirty bank websites. GOZI Trojan is usually distributed using social engineering methods. The computer user may download the parasite himself thinking it is a useful application or file. Needless to say, that if you found out you have it in your system, you need to terminate GOZI Trojan without delay.

How to remove GOZI Trojan from my PC?

In order to eliminate GOZI Trojan from your computer you will have to implement an anti-malware utility. The malware removal tool will scan your computer and detect all components of the malicious program. It will then delete GOZI Trojan from your PC. Please note that if you have used your online banking account while the infection was still in your system, you have to contact your bank. The reason you need to make use of the anti-malware tool to remove GOZI Trojan is because it is a complex parasite. Moreover, the malware remover will not only delete GOZI Trojan, but also protect your computer from other Internet-based threats like spyware, ransomware, worms, browser hijackers, rootkits and so on.

Uninstall GOZI Trojan

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