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GuardBytes Plus Removal Instructions

Despite its professional and trustworthy appearance, GuardBytes Plus is a fake antivirus. This rogue detects fake infections hoping to scare the users into purchasing the full package to clean their PC. It belongs to Braviax/FakeRean family and can infiltrate all types of operating systems. You will have no problem noticing this malicious software in your computer, since it paralyzes the whole system. We advise you to follow the instructions under this article and to remove GuardBytes Plus as soon as possible.

What does GuardBytes Plus do?

This software looks identical to Rango MultiRogue 2014, Sirius Multirogue 2014, A-Secure 2015, and Zorton Multirogue 2014. All these fake AV easily convince the users that they are completely legitimate tools. The users are fooled by their reliable appearance and by the malfunctioning PC. People tend to believe that the threats in the list provided by GuardBytes Plus are responsible for the paralysis of their computer, when in truth, the fake antivirus stops the running of executable files, browsers, instant messaging programs, players, etc. thus making the computer unresponsive. Everything will come back to normal once you delete GuardBytes Plus.

GuardBytes Plus  Remove GuardBytes Plus

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The rogue performs a fake computer scan and displays fake alerts to convince you that the system is infected. Here is one example of such notification:

Security hole detected!
A program is trying to exploit Windows security holes! Passwords and sensitive data may be stolen!

GuardBytes Plus has blocked a program from accessing the internet
This program is infected with [infection name]
Click “Yes, Activate…” to register your copy and perform threats removal on your system.

Ignore these bogus messages, because their only goal is to convince you to buy a completely useless license for $64.95-99.95. The malware also presents you with a list of infections that currently haunts your PC. We assure you that the names of the infections this malware presents to your are fake. Even if your system is infected, GuardBytes Plus has no way to locate these problems. Your best option is to avoid clicking the fake AV download button and to concentrate on GuardBytes Plus removal. Know that if you do pay, you give your savings directly to cyber criminals that attacked your computer in the first place.

The rogue is usually spread via malicious software or advertisements in the unsafe websites. To delete this application is not easy. Unfortunately, it cannot be removed via Control Panel, because it has no uninstall file and it also has no free license numbers for deactivation. We advise to use a reputable antimalware tool to terminate GuardBytes Plus.

How to remove GuardBytes Plus?

It is obvious that you have to uninstall GuardBytes Plus from your system immediately. It is a malicious application that attacks your system and wants to steal your money. We advise you against attempting to remove GuardBytes Plus by yourself, since even the smallest mistake can have unpleasant consequences for your already battered system. Purchase a legitimate antimalware and following the instructions below let it delete GuardBytes Plus.

Erase GuardBytes Plus

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Restart your computer and start tapping F8 the second you see BIOS screen.
  2. Choose Safe Mode with Networking and click Enter.
  3. Launch your browser and install a trustworthy antimalware.
  4. Remove GuardBytes Plus.

Windows 8

  1. Click Windows key and open Charm bar.
  2. Choose Settings and select Change PC Settings.
  3. Move to General and choose Advanced Startup.
  4. Click Restart Now and choose Troubleshoot.
  5. Go to Advanced Options and click Startup Settings.
  6. Click Restart and tap F5.
  7. Launch your browser and install and reputable antimalware.
  8. Delete GuardBytes Plus.

Windows XP

  1. Restart your PC and start tapping F8 the second you see BIOS screen.
  2. Choose Safe Mode with Networking and click Enter.
  3. Tap Yes and click Start.
  4. Launch Run and type in msconfig.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Choose Startup tab and click Disable all.
  7. Choose Apply.
  8. Install a legitimate antimalware and remove GuardBytes Plus.

Download Removal Toolto remove GuardBytes Plus

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