Remove hdvidcodec


Why you need to remove hdvidcodec?

Even if hdvidcodec is known as a video codec but in reality this program acts like an adware that infiltrates your computer secretly and then begins to do its ‘bad mission’. According to the fact that in most often cases hdvidcodec enters your computer illegally you should start to doubt about the credibility of this application at once. Very soon you will notice that hdvidcodec is mainly generated to increase the traffic of some sponsored webpages and because of that reason this adware attacks you with lots of various advertisements. Keep in mind that hdvidcodec can come at different versions (HDvid codec pack, HDvid Plugin, HDvid Codec V1 or HDvid Codec V6.0). However, we think that your computer shouldn’t be used as a device to advertise particular websites and if you agree to our opinion better start hdvidcodec removal procedure.

hdvidcodec Remove hdvidcodec

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Where does hdvidcodec come form?

If you are fascinated about the specific qualities that this application should give to you, you can download hdvidcodec from the official website However, keep in mind that in most often cases this additional program can be installed into your computer with some other freeware and shareware files. So, the special attention to free software that can be easily downloadable from the internet may protect you computer from a serious infection. You should also take more responsibility for the installation process as well. We recommend you to choose Advanced (or Custom) installation option and, of course, analyze all the information that is displayed in the installation wizard. If you spot any additional unwanted application you can always deselect it and in this way protect your computer from any unexpected infection.

How does hdvidcodec perform?

Despite the fact that this adware is not treated as being the most dangerous and complicated infection but you may never guarantee anything for this sneaky application that has entered your computer without an acceptance. Despite the fact that hdvidcodec is said to help you to improve the quality of various video but in general it acts more like a simple adware application. You will notice that once this program enters your computer, it installs and additional extension to all your browsers. Besides that, you will receive lots of different advertisements and notifications. Furthermore, you can be redirected to potentially harmful websites that may contain some serious infections. Keep in mind that all the information provided by hdvidcodec (even if it looks quite appealing and reliable) should be avoided. It’s because how can you trust in any application that is installed into your computer illegally? You have to take into consideration the fact that this application can be installed into your computer together with other malignant and potentially unwanted files. So, you may never know what illegal programs are running inside your computer’s system. Because of that reason, even if you hate watching diverse videos that come in poor quality, you have to eliminate hdvidcodec unreliable application before it’s too late.

How to remove hdvidcodec?

There are no reason to leave  hdvidcodec to run on your computer without any supervision anymore. So, implement the main removal instructions that are provided below and very soon you will be able to enjoy safe work with your computer again.

Manual removal instructions:

  • Open the ”’Start”’ menu and after that, choose ”’Control Panel”’.
  • Now move to ”’Programs”’ or ”’Add/Remove Programs”’ section where you should select ”’Uninstall a Program”’.
  • Search for all unwanted additional applications and choose ”’Uninstall/Change”’ option.
  • Finally, click ”’OK”’.

It’s a high time to reset the browsers (it is better to reset all of them: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox):

Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click once on the ”’Tools”’ section (or the Gear icon).
  • Move to ”’Internet Options”’ and then click on ”‘Advanced”’ tab.
  • After that, click on ”‘Reset”’and choose ”’Reset Internet Explorer settings”’.
  • Now select ”’Delete personal settings”’ and then click on ”’Reset”’.
  • After that, click on ”’Close”’ and ”‘OK”’.

Mozilla Firefox

  • When the browser is opened, move to the ”’Help”’ section.
  • Now select ”’Troubleshooting Information”’ and click on ”’Reset Firefox”’ (for a couple of times).
  • Finally, click on ”’Finish”’.

Google Chrome

  • Open the browser and then click on the Chrome menu button.
  • Now choose ”’Tools”‘ section and then move to ”’Extensions”’ (here look for suspicious-looking extensions and remove them with a help of Recycle bin option).
  • Click on ”’Settings”’ section and choose ”’Manage search engines”’ (change your search provider).

As it was mentioned before, hdvidcodec can be installed into your computer with some additional and unwanted applications. Because of this reason only a manual removal steps are not sufficient to completely get rid this this adware. That’s why we recommend you to download and install a reliable anti-malware tool such as SpyHunter. Scanning the entire computer’s system will  remove all malignant files that still can be running inside your computer. Download Removal Toolto remove hdvidcodec

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