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HPNotify.exe Removal Instructions

If HPNotify.exe is in your system, it means that your computer has a browser hijacker on it. The executable file has been associated with various hijackers. It is often linked to SearchProtect. SearchProtect is a program that claims it will prevent your home page and search engine from getting modified and then does the exact opposite of what is promises.

If you do not have this application installed, then there must be a different hijacker that the file belongs to. You should scan your computer with a malware scanner if you are not sure what it is. The main purpose of the executable is to make certain that you can not get rid of the browser hijacker. That is exactly why you need to delete HPNotify.exe from your PC.

SearchProtect HPNotify.exe removal Remove HPNotify.exe

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How does HPNotify.exe work?

As it has already mentioned, HPNotify.exe is associated with different hijackers like SearchProtect, Sup Tab, Xtab,, and more. It does not really matter which one of these programs is installed on your computer, because they all work in the same manner. As soon as they take over your browsers, they modify your home page and default search engine. This is done in order to promote their sponsors. You will see various adverts and pop-ups all over the Internet for the same reason. It is important that you stay away from them, because they may lead you to other unwanted or even malicious applications.

Browser hijackers usually come as a part of adware or potentially unwanted programs. They travel bundled with other software that you may download from pages like,, and others. If you do not pay attention to its installation, you end up with more than you bargained for. Once the hijacker takes over your browsers, HPNotify.exe makes sure that you can not restore your settings. That is why you need to terminate HPNotify.exe and its related program if you want to go back to normal browsing.

How to remove HPNotify.exe?

We recommend that you use a malware removal tool in order to remove HPNotify.exe from your system. The anti-malware utility will detect the application that the file belongs to and remove it completely. It will also get rid of other infections that you may have on your computer. Alternative solution is to delete HPNotify.exe related software and then reset your browsers. Instructions below can help you with these tasks should you choose to go with manual HPNotify.exe removal.

HPNotify.exe Removal

1) Uninstall HPNotify.exe

Windows 8

  • Right-click on the lower left corner
  • Choose Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Click on the suspicious application
  • Choose Uninstall

Windows 7 & Vista/Windows XP

  • Click on Start and open Control Panel
  • Pick Uninstall a program/Add or remove programs
  • Select the unwanted software
  • Click Uninstall/Remove

2) Reset your browser settings:

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Gear icon
  • Go to Internet Options
  • On the Advanced tab click Reset
  • Check Delete personal settings
  • Click Reset once more

Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Alt+H to open Help
  • Choose Troubleshooting Information
  • Select Reset Firefox
  • Click Reset Firefox for confirmation

Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu and open Settings
  • Go to Show advanced settings
  • Click Reset settings and click Reset.

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