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What is iMinentSmile Toolbar?

iMinentSmile Toolbar is an additional browser’s toolbar that can be especially preferred by those people who enjoy posting various smiles, emotions on e-mail letters, Facebook profile or other social networking webpages. However, you have to know that iMinentSmile Toolbar is not generated to entertain you with various emotions but to promote the traffic of some sponsored webpages. It means that every time you click on any iMinentSmile emotion you may not only help to improve the traffic of some webpages but also risk of infecting your computer even more. Keep in mind that iMinentSmile Toolbar can be distributed by potentially dangerous third-party so, all the information provided by this browser extension might be very dangerous. That’s why we recommend you to remove iMinentSmile Toolbar from your computer as soon as possible.

How can iMinentSmile Toolbar enter your computer?

First of all, you can download iMinentSmile Toolbar by yourself from  the official website However, our research team has found out that you can also download and install this add-on together with Conduit Search browser hijacker. It means that in most often cases this add-on can enter your computer without asking your permission. This method of infiltrating random computers is called ‘bundling’ method. Talking in more simple words it means that very unexpectedly together with  freeware or shareware files you may also download some unwanted applications as well. That’s why it is essential to download only reliable programs that are provided in official webpages. Besides that, it is essential to maintain your attentiveness throughout all the process of installation. Keep in mind that if you attentively read all the information which is provided in the installation wizard you can easily deselect the additional files or even terminate the whole installation procedure.Download Removal Toolto remove iMinentSmile

Why it is better to remove iMinentSmile Toolbar?

remov iminentsmile Remove iMinentSmile Toolbar

Once this infection reaches your computer it attaches and additional extension to all the browsers that are installed into your computer (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). So, it means that there is no chance to run away from this infection. Besides the add-on you will also notice that instead of your usual home page and search provider you are displayed with ‘Yahoo! search’. That’s why the search results that you get with using this new search provider might be totally different in comparison with the search results that you used to get before. Moreover, you will notice that you are constantly displayed with various advertisements and pop-ups which may not only be very annoying but also very dangerous and infected. Remember that each your click on any notification provided by iMinentSmile Toolbar can redirect you to other websites (for example, StartWeb) or even download into your computer even more dangerous infection. Another very doubtful thing about this unwanted application is that is can easily supervise all you searching sessions. It means that all the information about your favorite webpages or other information interrelated with your browsing activities might be transferred to the members of the third-party. Even if you think that such information is not so important  better think about the fact that cyber criminals can also invent another easy way to find out your user names, passwords or even credit card numbers. That’s why it is better to protect your computer’s system from further infections and eliminate iMinentSmile Toolbar straightaway rather than enjoy various iMinentSmile Toolbar emotions.

If you are already determined to get rid of this browser add-on you have to follow our instructions provided below.

Firstly, we recommend you to perform manual removal procedure:

  1. Open ‘Start’ menu (by clicking once on it) and  from the opened list choose ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Now choose ‘Add or Remove Programs’ (if you use Windows XP) or ‘Uninstall a program’ (if you use Windows 7, 8 or Vista).
  3. Look for the unwanted application and remove it.

Now we recommend you to eliminate the intrusive adware from your browsers:

Download Removal Toolto remove iMinentSmile

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer and then begin tapping ‘Alt +T’.
  2. After that, choose ‘Internet Options‘ and then select ‘General’ tab (here you have to change your home page and then choose ‘OK’ option)
  3. Choose ‘Manage Add-ons‘  (after tapping Alt+T once again).
  4. Now click on ‘Toolbars and Extensions‘ and look for undesirable extensions (remove by clicking on ‘Disable’).
  5. Choose ‘Search Providers’ option and remove the unwanted search engine.
  6. Finally, click on ‘Close‘.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox (then begin to tap a combination of ‘Ctrl+Shift+A’).
  2. Choose ‘Extensions’ (under Add-ons Manager section).
  3. Look for the unwanted extensions and click on ‘Remove’ option.
  4. Close ‘Add-ons Manager’ section and tap a combination of Alt+T‘.
  5. Now choose ‘Options’ and move to  ‘General’ tab here you have to change your home page and then choose ‘OK’ ).
  6. Click on the search bar (top-right corner) and choose ‘Manage search engines‘.
  7. Finally, eliminate the unneeded search provider by clicking on ‘Remove’ option and then hit ‘OK’ button.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and start tapping ‘Alt +F’ combination.
  2. Choose ‘Tools’ section and then move to ‘Extensions’.
  3. In the list look for unwanted extensions and remove them by clicking on the ‘Trash icon’ (after that choose ‘Remove’).
  4. Navigate to ‘Settings’ section, choose ‘Appearance’ and move to ‘Show Home button‘ option.
  5. Here you have to change your default home page and then click on ‘OK’.
  6. Finally, select ‘Manage search engines‘ (under the search section) and remove the undesirable search provided by clicking on ‘X’ option.
  7. In order to save tae changes you have made, click ‘OK‘.

However, you have to keep in mind that only manual removal instructions are not sufficient if you want to completely get rid of iMinentSmile Toolbar. That’s why we suggest you to download and install SpyHunter which is one of the most reliable anti-virus applications that can help you  not only eliminate all dangerous files but also safeguard your computer from the occurrence of any other unwanted applications.


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