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What is Interpol virus?

Interpol virus is an insidious ransomware which is created to make people think they made some illegal actions in the system and so are now traced by the Interpol. User is easily convinced by the seriously looking message and persuaded to pay huge sums of money in order for the block to be removed. Computer users are put in the trouble, as they even have no access to the desktop, so they are ready to do everything is said, as they believe the Interpol will punish them. While the only thing they really need to do is to remove Interpol virus ASAP.

Interpol virus Screenshot (Different for all countries)

Remove Interpol virus Remove Interpol virus

How Interpol virus works?

The virus created by the cybercriminals works in the way showing the usual message which sounds like ‘Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert’. Warnings can have several different types, but the essence is that Interpol virus accuses users of watching child pornography or violating copyright laws. Intimidated users are asked to pay fines if they don’t want to be punished for making crimes. Typically, the computer user has to pay either in Euros or in U.S. dollars. Earlier forms of virus demanded €100, but nowadays one can find noticeably bigger fines, of €300 or $300, wanted to be paid. Moreover, the supposed violator has to act exactly in the way he/she is told. Warning requires money to be transferred using special online payment services as Ukash or Paysafecard. Sometimes, user is said to use Green Dot MoneyPak as the tool for the fine to be paid.

How Interpol virus gets into the system?

Interpol virus is being infiltrated into the system with the help if exploit kits. Virus comes through security vulnerabilities which are found and immediately used as the easy way to infiltrate the seriously looking disease. Using exploit kits, cyber criminals can quickly gain access to the computer and so start tricking users in order to hustle the money out of them. If you find yourself one of those users, if you noticed the huge warning and were asked to pay a fine, please, don’t do that. You must follow the next paragraph to get to know how to delete the Interpol virus out of the system.Download Removal Toolto remove Interpol virus

A) Remove Interpol virus

If you are ready to remove the Interpol virus, you are advised to choose the automatic way, because the manual removal process can stimulate the rise of the bigger computer problems. For the ransomware to be removed, you should install Spyhunter anti-malware software, but this can be done only by following step-by-step removal process shown below.

Windows Vista/ Windows 7

  • Restart your PC.
  • Push F8 key as the boot up screen loads.
  • With the help of up/down arrows, turn on Safe Mode with Networking and click Enter.
  • Open the search engine you use and download SpyHunter software.
  • Install the anti-spyware and delete the Interpol Virus.

Windows 8

  • Click on the Windows key.
  • Choose Internet Explorer icon and open it.
  • Type and then press Enter.
  • Download or run the shown installer.
  • After installation, perform a system scan.

Windows XP

  • Restart the computer.
  • When boot up screen loads, click on F8 key.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking, with the help of up/down arrows.
  • Click Enter button.
  • When the dialog box shows up, click Yes.
  • Then, click on Start menu, launch Run.
  • Enter msconfig and choose OK.
  • Open Startup tab.
  • Uncheck the startup entries and then choose Apply.
  • Download SpyHunter anti-spyware.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • Install the softwareand perform the system scan for Interpol Virus to be found.

B) Remove Interpol virus

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