Remove Jotzey (Guide on Jotzey Removal)


What is jotzey?

Jotzey is just another adware program that is advertised as a useful tool that should provide you various useful advertisements and in this way improve your browsing sessions. However, under all such praises you will find the harsh reality and the fact that jotzey can actually start to hijack your browsers and pose a real threat of infecting your computer with malware or even more serious viruses. As soon as this adware reaches your computer, you can just simply forget what it means to perform your searching sessions without any interruption. All the notifications provided by jotzey may be harmful so, it is recommended to avoid clicking on them.

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In general, the credibility of this adware is very low and only a few people could notice any signs that would indicate the utility of this application. So, we recommend you not risk about your computer’s security anymore and remove Jotzey right away.

Where Jotzey comes from?

This potentially unwanted application is generated by Superweb LLC and in most often cases it may enter your computer without asking any permission. It means that you can download this adware together with lots of various freeware and shareware programs. Jotzey, as an additional installation option, can be bundled with diverse applications. So, if you want to safeguard your computer from all the infections of such potentially unwanted applications, you should either download reliable applications from the official websites or pay more attention to the installation process. Due to the fact that some useful applications are quite expensive, people tend to download free programs that, unfortunately, may be distributed by the third party. The main aim of the third party is to infect random computers and gain some profit from that. So, you always have to consider the fact that even reliable-looking applications may bring some infections to your computer as well. Because of this reason we suggest you to perform only Advanced or Custom installation process and deselect all unneeded extra applications.

jotzey Remove Jotzey (Guide on Jotzey Removal)

Why it is better to eliminate Jotzey from your computer?

You should know that jotzey adware can perform on all most widely used browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). The reason why you are constantly disturbed by diverse notifications can be explained by the fact that jotzey is basically related with various advertisements. So, once you open any browser and start your usual browsing activities you will be flooded by various popping up coupons and advertisements. Sometimes it may look like all the notifications are unconnected. This happens because jotzey promotes a lot of diverse webpages. Despite the fact that some of notifications seem to look safe and beneficial for you, should stay away from all the information provided by this adware. Keep in mind that jotzey acts only like a tool to promote various advertisements and is not responsible whether they are reliable or not. It means that every click on any pop-up that you make can cause real damage to your computer’s system. Be aware that this adware can easily monitor all your browsing activities and then pass on all the gathered information to potentially malignant third party. So, do you still want to risk of infecting your computer even more? Do you still want that your usual browsing activities would be disturbed by various notifications and pop-ups? If not, than continue reading and find the best way to delete Jotzey.

At the beginning you should uninstall Jotzey from your computer’s system (from the section of Add/Remove programs). In order to do that you have to:

• Click on ‘Start’ menu and then navigate to ‘Control Panel’.
• After that, you should select ‘Programs’ or ‘Add/Remove Programs’ and then click on ‘Uninstall a Program’.
• When you are provided with a list of the programs you have to look for jotzey and remove it by clicking on ‘Uninstall/Change’.
• Finally, click ‘OK’.

Jotzey uninstall Remove Jotzey (Guide on Jotzey Removal)

Another stage of manual Jotzey removal procedure is to reset the browsers (even if you prefer using only a particular browser we recommend to reset all of them):

Internet Explorer

• First of all, open the browser and then click on the Gear icon (0r ‘Tools’ section).
• After that, you must navigate to ‘Internet Options’ where you should select ‘Advanced’ tab.
• Now click ‘Reset’.
• Move to ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’ section and then navigate to ‘Delete personal settings’.
• Click on ‘Reset’ button once again.
• Final step is to click on ‘Close’ and ‘OK’ (this action will help you to save the changes).

Mozilla Firefox

• Open the browser (Mozilla Firefox).
• Move to the ‘Help’ section and then choose ‘Troubleshooting Information’.
• Now press ‘Reset Firefox’ (for a couple of times).
• Finally, click ‘Finish’.

Google Chrome

• When Google Chrome browser is opened, click Chrome menu button.
• After that, choose ‘Tools’ section.
• Now move to ‘Extensions’ (here look for unwanted extensions and remove by clicking Recycle bin).
• Click on ‘Settings’ section and move to ‘Show Advanced settings’.
• Finally, select ‘Reset browser settings’ and click on ‘Reset’.

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