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JS/ClickJack Removal Guide

JS/ClickJack is a script which is mostly used by legitimate computer security software to identify a JavaScript that often redirects users’ clicks to predetermined pages in similar way a browser hijacker does. This script is used by various and very diverse third parties and is quite dangerous.

If you see this application in your computer, you should not let it stay. Our research center assures that it is in your best interests to remove JS/ClickJack from your computer before its existence caused more serious problems.

JS ClickJack  Remove JS/ClickJack

What does JS/ClickJack do?

As we already said, JS/ClickJack is used by many very different parties. First of all, since it can redirect your clicks to any predetermined website, this script is quite popular among cyber criminals. They can install it into a legitimate and trustworthy page and you will be routed to another website without any explanation. However, your computer may also be injected with this intruder, in which case you should acquire a legitimate and powerful anti-malware application and use it to erase JS/ClickJack from your PC.

Script’s ability to direct users to a designated page allows the hackers, who injected your PC or a specific page with JS/ClickJack, to create or to boost traffic to promoted pages and to advertise them. This method is also used by people who work in social media. Very often they employ JS/ClickJack script to popularize and sell new videos, products, images, and so on.

Since these redirects seem to be nothing more than a source of annoyance and irritation, you probably do not think that you need to immediately perform JS/ClickJack removal. However, the truth is that you greatly underestimate the danger this script poses. Imagine that you are directed not to a social media page, but to a malicious website managed by the malignant third parties. It is almost guaranteed that after an excursion to such domain, you will get infected with malware. Do not take such risk with your PC and get rid of JS/ClickJack as soon as possible.

You should also know JS:Clickjack-A is a specific detection name used by Avast Antivirus and some other antivirus applications to locate and indicate Potentially Unwanted Program.

How to remove JS/ClickJack?

We strongly recommend to use a reputable and up-to-date computer security software to delete JS/ClickJack from your system. You should also consider the fact that after this reliable anti-malware manages to uninstall JS/ClickJack, it will also protect your system from such issues in the future. Besides, such tool will be able to inform you about the potential danger, if you stumble upon the page infected with JS/ClickJack again.

Delete JS/ClickJack

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