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KEYHolder Removal Instructions

KEYHolder is a serious ransomware virus. Upon infiltrating the computer it encrypts the user’s files and demands payment for decrypting them. We advise you not to pay the money, because if you do, you give away your savings directly to cyber criminal. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get a decryption key even if you pay the ransom. Instead, you should make KEYHolder removal your priority.

keyholder removal Remove KEYHolder

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What does KEYHolder do?

As mentioned before, this ransomware virus encrypts some of your files when it invades your PC. The rogue program can encrypt videos, images, PDFs, text documents, and system restore points. After the encryption, you will be presented with two files called HOW_DECRYPT.gif and HOW_DECRYPT.html. In these files the hijackers will provide you with detailed instructions on how exactly you need to pay the ransom. After paying the money, you should get decryption key, however, we urge you to remember that you are dealing with cyber criminals that attacked your system. It is possible that you will pay the ransom, but will not be given the key. The safest option is to is to simply delete KEYHolder.

The ransom may slightly vary, but it always is approximately $505 or 1.5 of bit coins. You are supposed to enter an .onion domain and follow the instructions provided in it. Again we want to stress, that you will probably just pay the money, but will not get your files back. Do not trust these instructions and concentrate on how to delete KEYHolder.

The virus may enter your system in many different ways. KEYHolder ransomware can reach your system through spam emails, fake alerts, can exploit the weak points in your outdated software or using some other means of distribution. Also, it affects only Windows OS. The cyber criminals that organize this attack use the infamous TOR network to hide their work and demands that you use it in order to pay the ransom. Do not follow their instructions. The best choice would be to install a reputable and powerful anitmalware and to let it get rid of KEYHolder. Unfortunately, it is very likely that your files are already lost.

How to remove KEYHolder?

As we explained many times before, it is highly doubtful that the criminals will provide you with the decryption key after you pay the ransom. You should focus on how to delete KEYHolder instead of paying the money to the people that invaded your system in the first place. To terminate KEYHolder you need to install a legitimate antimalware. Do not attempt to uninstall KEYHolder by yourself, because it is a tricky process and one wrong move can damage your PC.

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