Kronos Banking Malware


What is Kronos Malware ?

Kronos is a new banking Trojan that is advertised on Russian forums. It is a malicious program designed to steal computer user’s private data. Kronos is compatible with all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is able to record all information that the user enters in his browser including bank account details. Needless to say, what follows the infection by this malware is serious financial consequences.

Kronos Kronos Banking Malware

Kronos does not differ much from its predecessors like Citadel, Gozi and Zeus Trojan horses. The main purpose of these malicious applications is to steal personal details. In order to do so Kronos uses web injects to alter legitimate banking webpages. Once the user logs into his or her account the web injects look for additional data about the user. It may search for information that is required to answer security questions, ATM passwords and so on. When the malware acquires that data, Kronos sends it to a remote server where it can be used by the cyber criminals.

All details concerning Kronos come from the ads placed on the underground forums. The price of the malware reaches 7000$ which is somewhat unusual. Malicious programs are usually sold for a couple of hundred dollars. However, there have been other Trojans that were even more expensive than Kronos. Four years ago Carberp was being sold at a price ranging from 10,000$ to 15,000$. Now the capabilities that were new at that time are standard for any Trojan horse.

The 7,000$ paid for Kronos cover lifetime license fee, updates and bug fixes. New modules that should be developed later on are not included in this fee. The Trojan can be purchased with Bitcoins, Perfect Money or some other form of online currency. The developers of the program even offer a one-week trial period at a cost of 1,000$.

The reason why Kronos is so expensive could be because it belongs to a unique malware family. The malware is capable of hiding not just from the anti-virus programs, but also from other Trojans. Since cyber criminals are in a competitive business they try to be one step ahead of the developers of anti-virus programs and their own colleagues as well.

How to remove Kronos?

Although the future of Kronos is yet unknown, whether the program becomes successful or not does not make much of a difference. Even if this malware fails to catch on, there are plenty of others ready to take its place. That is why it is always important to have a reliable anti-malware utility like Spyhunter on your computer and update it regularly. If you are not sure in your system’s safety you can download the malware scanner that will help you check if your computer is infection-free. It ill help you to easily delete Kronos once and for all.

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