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What is is an unwanted program that is classified as a browser hijacker. It is compatible with all popular browsers and is able to change their settings without your permission. Moreover, the hijacker interrupts your browsing sessions, exposes you to dangerous websites and monitors your Internet activity. The intruder does not have any benefits so there is no reason to keep it on your PC. You should delete and return to normal Web browsing.

How does

Once you install Trovi toolbar your default search engine and home page will be automatically replaced by Every time you launch your browser, that is what you will see. This, however, is not the worst feature of the hijacker. It will also redirect you to various pages that it promotes in the middle of your browsing and present you with various ads, pop-ups and banners. The program can alter your search result and add sponsored links to them. This can potentially be very damaging to your PC as the links that provides are not safe. You could be redirected to corrupted websites with malicious files or virtual scams. We do not recommend clicking on the ads under any circumstance.

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Download Removal Toolto remove usually comes bundled with free software like PDF converters, video codecs, download managers and so on. It has been in particularly associated with Desk 365, Fast Start and SoftStud. The program may be presented in a positive way, but that is clearly untruthful information. In most cases, however, if the computer does not carefully check all installation information he does not even notice allowing access to It is, however, possible to avoid the application if you choose Custom Installation and deselect the unwanted software.

How to remove

Manual removal is quite a complicated task especially if you are not computer savvy. That is why we recommend you download and install a malware removal tool that will terminate for good. The anti-malware utility will scan your PC, detect the threat and eliminate it. It will also protect your computer from similar infections. If, however, you still want to uninstall manually you can use the instructions provided below. Removal

Delete from your system

Windows XP

Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> -> Remove

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> -> Uninstall

Windows 8

Search -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> -> Uninstall

Erase from your browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Open the browser
2. Tap Alt+T and click Manage Add-ons
3. In Search Providers click on
4. Click Remove and then Close
5. Press Alt+T again
6. Select Options and then General tab
7. Replace the Home Page and click OK

Mozilla Firefox

1. Launch your browser and click the search provider icon
2. Select Manage Search Engines
3. Remove and click OK
4. Tap Alt+T and select Options
5. Change the Home Page on the General tab and click OK

Google Chrome

1. Open your browser, click on the menu and select Settings
2. In the On Startup section click Open a specific page or set of pages and Set pages
3. Change the home page and click OK
4. In Search section click Manage search engines
5. Click X next to to delete it and click Done.

Download Removal Toolto remove

Edit the Target line

1. Right-click on your browser shortcut
2. Select Properties
3. Find the Target line on the Shortcut tab
4. Remove the text after .exe and click OK

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