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Los Pollos Hermanos Removal Guide (Uninstall Los Pollos Hermanos)

Los Pollos Hermanos, also known as Trojan.Cryptolocker.S, is a Crypto ransomware which targets Australian users. This infection uses a famous TV show “Breaking Bad” theme in the presented ransom demand.

The malware enters a computer and encrypts the files. Afterwards, users are presented with a message in which the rogue demands payment for the decryption. We urge you not to trust the presented message and to remove Los Pollos Hermanos instead of paying the required amount of money.

Los Pollos Hermanos Remove Los Pollos Hermanos

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What does Los Pollos Hermanos do?

Computer experts believe that this malicious software uses social engineering methods to infect new systems. It travels with a malignant zip archive that is named after some major courier firm. In the zip archive, you will find a malicious file called ‘PENALTY.VBS’. If you execute this file, it will download the ransomware. To make sure that the users would not suspect trickery, the intruder even installs an authentic .pdf file. Usually, it is enough to mislead the users and to make them trust zip archive.

Once inside the computer, this malware encrypts your .jpeg, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .mp3, .docm, .zip, .txt, .one, .ost, .ppt, .pptx, etc files. The virus uses random Advanced Encryption Standard key for encryption. Afterwards, this key is encrypted with RSA public key which means that the only way to recover your files is with a private key from cyber criminals. After the procedure is complete, the attackers will present you with this kind of message:

Los Pollos Hermanos

Your important files have been encrypted: photos, documents, videos, etc. If you want to decrypt your files you must pay the fee of $450 AUD

Failure to pay within the specified time will mean you must pay $1000AUD

For support related inquires contact:

Do not contact the schemers and do not provide them with any personal information, since it can be used for nefarious purposes in the future. We strongly advise you against paying the ransom too. Remember that you are giving away your savings to hackers that attacked your system in the first place. Besides, it is highly doubtful that you will regain your files even, if you pay the money. Most likely you will be left with an infected computer and encrypted files. In this situation, the best decision seems to be complete Los Pollos Hermanos removal.

How to remove Los Pollos Hermanos?

You should have no doubt that Los Pollos Hermanos removal is essential to your computer’s safety. To ensure that the process is successful, we do not advise to delete Los Pollos Hermanos manually. Unless you are an experienced user, the smallest mistake can damage your already battered system. Instead, we recommend to employ a reputable malware removal tool and let it eliminate Los Pollos Hermanos for you. After an anti-malware completes to delete Los Pollos Hermanos, it will stay in your PC for protection against future threats.

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