Browser Hijacker Removal Guide is a browser hijacker that attacks your computer and changes home page and default search engine in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. While attempts to resemble Google, the quality of its search results is much poorer.

This hijacker not only alters your settings, provides you with an inferior search tool, and worsens the general performance of your computer, but it also can expose you to malicious content. Do not tolerate such application in your PC and remove at once.  Remove

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What does do?

Like any other hijacker, enters your system to direct traffic to the third parties’ pages and to increase their ranking. To achieve this goal, the intruder changes users’ search engine and gains control over the presented results. Consequently, for as long as this applications resides in your computer, you will not be able to use your search tool freely. Remember that hijackers are considered to be gateway to malware, thus every time you click the link or ad provided by, you risk entering a suspicious website and installing malicious software. In order to protect your computer from possible infection, we strongly recommend to eliminate as soon as possible.

To make you more inclined to click the ads, this intruder follows your online activities and records such data like geographical location, IP address, favorite pages, search queries, and so on. While mainly this information is used to personalize the ads, it is also shared with the third parties which means that basically anyone can access your data. We suggest to delete, before the knowledge about you is used for nefarious purposes.

If you are not sure how this software managed to enter your PC, we recommend to think about your latest freeware installation. Users who often go to unchecked and suspicious websites to acquire software can easily become infected with potentially unwanted programs which are used to monetize free downloads. To avoid these entrances, we advise to monitor installation wizard very closely. Pick Advanced or Custom option and read the software license agreement. In this document, all additional programs should be disclosed and thus you will be allowed to deselect them.

How to remove

Users who decide to get rid of have two options. You can either follows the removal instructions provided below or you can employ a reputable anti-spyware to do the job for you. We suggest to consider the fact that the second option also provides your system with protection after removal is complete.


Windows 8

  • Wait for the Charm menu to appear and then choose Settings.
  • Open Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  • Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Press Start and choose Control Panel.
  • In the Add or Remove programs, eliminate the suspicious software.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Open Start menu and select Control Panel.
  • Tap Uninstall a program and uninstall

Erase from your browsers

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open your browser and tap Alt+H.
  • Pick Troubleshooting Information.
  • Press Reset Firefox and afterwards tap Reset Firefox again.

Google Chrome

  • Launch the browser and click Alt+F.
  • Go to Settings and press Show Advanced settings.
  • Click Reset browser settings and tap Reset.

Internet Explorer

  • Open IE and press Alt+T.
  • Select Internet Options and tap the Advanced tab.
  • Click Reset and check Delete personal settings.
  • Click Reset button again.

Download Removal Toolto remove

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