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How to Remove Nation Zoom( – Removal Instructions

When dealing with computer infections, it is important to tell apart serious threats and meager nuisances. The problem is that these days computer infections and mere potentially unwanted programs balance on a very thin line between malware and freeware. Take Nationzoom for example. If you go to, the entire page will look like a decent search engine that can help you improve your overall search experience on the web. Alas, if only that was true… In reality, this “search engine” is nothing but a browser hijacker which is there to help shady people make their business.

Why you need to uninstall NationZoom?

I guess you will probably ask now, why I mentioned a thin line between malware and random software, if Nationzoom is obviously a browser infection. The point is that this application does not enter a target system in the traditional malware way. After all, Trojans, worms, viruses and other computer threats work stealthily, and you barely even notice how or when they arrive at the system. However, Nationzoom is a lot more obvious about it – users install the hijacker themselves. How that happens? The answer is simple – shareware.

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To tell you the truth, Nationzoom is not the first browser hijacker in the line, as it comes from a rather big group of computer threats, mostly known as Qvo6 family. Qvo6 was one of the first browser hijackers of this kind, known to travel bundled with freeware installers. In fact, Qvo6 Virus even used to guide users through a detailed installation process, just like any other legitimate application. Afterwards there came Qone8 Virus, Delta-Homes, NationZoom, Dosearches and others. One of the most common “carrier” of these infections is Desk 365 application which is widely available online on a number of third party file hosting websites.

So as far as the distribution of Nationzoom is concerned, the bottom line is that, if you are cautious enough during freeware installation, or whenever you download something unknown on the Internet, chances are that you can still avoid installing similar applications. You just need to read all the setup steps carefully to avoid that. If you fail to do so, then it will not take long until Nationzoom usurps your browser and then next thing you know, the “search engine” is set as your default home page.

To tell you truth, Nationzoom cannot cause you much harm on its own. Even though it is a browser hijacker, it is still more annoying than dangerous. However, the problem lies in the third parties that can access the data collected by Nationzoom. As any other search engine, Nationzoom employs cookies to collect information on your web browsing history, search queries and so on. Normally, search engines such as Google make sure that the data is protected against malevolent exploitation, but that is definitely not something Nationzoom would do.

Hence, the information collected is used to generate third party advertisements intended to appeal to your overall likes and preferences. Pop-up ads and commercial links are not inadvertently bad, but one has to keep in mind that Nationzoom does not check all the third party content it displays through its ads. So the danger is clear, right? No one can guarantee that the ads you accidentally click on do not lead to some corrupted website related to malware distribution. And THAT is the main reason why you must remove Nationzoom from your computer.

How to remove NationZoom ?

Below I will give you instructions on how to restore your browser settings to default, removing Nationzoom from it, but do not forget that there are bound to be some hijacker’s files left on your computer. It is not a good idea to go about removing files on your own, especially if you have no idea how Windows Registry works, or so. I think that in this situation, it is for the best to run a full system scan with some antispyware scanner, so that you could identify the files and then delete them from the PC. As for the browser problems, here is what you should do:

For Internet Explorer

  1. Open the browser and press Alt+X.
  2. Click Internet options on drop-down menu.
  3. Open Advanced tab and press Reset.
  4. Mark Delete personal settings option.
  5. Click Reset and press Close.

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the browser and press Alt+H.
  2. Click Troubleshooting information on the drop-down menu.
  3. When a new tab opens, click Reset Firefox.
  4. Press Reset Firefox on a pop-up dialog box.
  5. Click Finish.

For Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser and press Alt+F.
  2. Click Settings on drop-down menu.
  3. Under On Startup, select Open a specific page or set of pages.
  4. Click Set Pages.
  5. Delete, enter a new home page URL and click OK.
  6. Click Manage Search Engine button under Search.
  7. Set a new default search engine, remove and press Done.

It might be that Nationzoom resists being removed from your browser and your computer, because that is a common feature of these browser hijackers. In such a case, do leave me a comment below, and we will figure out the problem you are facing together. Download Removal Toolto remove NationZoom

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