Omiga Plus

Browser Hijacker

Guide on Removal

Omiga Plus is a browser hijacker that is promoted as a search engine that presents you with unique search results. It does not. The results you are shown are retrieved from Yahoo searches. Moreover, they might be altered to include various useless data like sponsored links and ads. The main function of the hijacker is to modify your browser settings and redirect you to various pages that have nothing to do with your preferences. The program was created to make profit and is not beneficial to the computer users.

If you noticed that the hijacker is on your PC you should delete as soon as you can.

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How does work? is a very intrusive item as it installs silently on your computer, in most cases the user does not even notice the program appearing on his device. That is because browser hijackers usually come bundled with freeware or shareware. If you want to avoid them all you need to do is choose Advanced Installation and un-check the unwanted applications.

omiga plus Omiga Plus

However, if is already in your system you will notice that it installed various extensions like Quick Start in your browsers. Therefore every time you open a new tab in any of your browsers you will see the Quick Start page. If you did not wish for any of these changes to happen you need to remove Omiga Plus from your computer system.

How to remove from my PC?

Keeping browser hijackers on your computer is never a good idea. They make changes without notifying you or asking your permission to do so. in particularly also adds other unwanted programs onto your PC not to mention that it interrupts your browsing activities. is not a malicious program itself but it certainly does not do your computer any favors. If you want to increase your Internet security and delete Omiga Plus along with all of its components you should implement a security program that will help you do just that. A powerful malware removal tool (e.g. Spyhunter) will be able to uninstall Omiga Plus (automatically). It will also protect your PC in the future by stopping all possible online attacks.

Uninstall from your browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click Tools and then Internet Options
3. Select Advanced tab
4. Click Reset
5. Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings
6. Select Delete personal settings
7. Click Reset

Mozilla Firefox

1. Double-click on Mozilla Firefox
2. Press Alt+H
3. Select Troubleshooting Information
4. Click on Reset Firefox a few times
5. Click Finish

Google Chrome

1. Launch the browser
2. Tap Alt+F
3. Select Settings
4. Click on Show Advanced Settings
5. Click Reset browser settings
6. Click Reset.

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