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Guide on OneSoftPerDay Removal

OneSoftPerDay is a program that belongs to adware category and is a variation of adware known as freeSOFTtoday. It usually enters your PC bundled with freeware. This adware promises the user to help him save money by offering one free application per day. It also displays pop-up advertisements that are customized for the user. Though it looks promising, in reality this is a dangerous and risky adware, because it can be used as a gateway for malware to get inside your system. We recommend you to quickly remove OneSoftPerDay.

How does OneSoftPerDay work?

Though OneSoftPerDay appears to be a useful program, it soon starts to annoy the user. You will be presented with constant pop-ups every time you surf the Internet. This adware is a bit different from other adwares since it does not install any extensions. Nevertheless, it still displays worthless commercial advertisements and pop-ups, because it creates a service called onesoftperday_widget.exe which starts together with Windows. This allows adware to connect to the Internet and provide the user with advertisements. The process can be stopped through Task Manager, however it will renew itself in few minutes. To really get rid of it, you need to erase OneSoftPerDay.

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OneSoftPerDay also collects your sensitive personal information including your emails, usernames and passwords. It can track your websites preferences, how much time you spend in them, what data you enter. This is how it decides which advertisements would interest you. That alone should be enough to convince you that you need to delete OneSoftPerDay. However, the biggest problem with this adware is that the links in these advertisements are not safe. Adware is not responsible for the contents of advertisement. You may easily stumble upon a link from cyber criminals and get infected with Trojans, viruses, and other malware. Even if you are aware of that and decided not to follow any provided links you are still not safe. OneSoftPerDay performs redirection. This means that you will land in the intended site regardless of your wishes.

As mentioned before, OneSoftPerDay usually enters your computer bundled with free of charge software. However, direct installation is also possible. To prevent it you must look at these kind of programs with a great deal of caution. In addition, make sure to install freeware only from the reliable pages and follow installation process carefully. Deselect boxes which suggest additional programs and choose Custom or Advanced installation.

How to remove OneSoftPerDay?

OneSoftPerDay is useless program that disrupts your browsing experience. It constantly annoys the user with pop-up advertisements and slows down each browser considerably. This adware can also be used by malicious programs to enter your computer. We strongly recommend you to get rid of OneSoftPerDay ASAP. Be sure to scan your computer with a reputable antispyware afterwards. Detailed instructions of how to uninstall OneSoftPerDay, are given below this article.

Remove OneSoftPerDay from Windows 7 & Windows Vista

1. Press the Windows key and select Control Panel.
2. Choose Uninstall a program select OneSoftPerDay and uninstall it.

Terminate OneSoftPerDay from Windows 8

1. Go to bottom right corner of the screen and choose Settings.
2. Select Control Panel and choose Uninstall a program.
3. Choose OneSoftPerDay and click Uninstall.

Delete OneSoftPerDay from Windows XP

1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Choose Add or Remove Programs.
3. Choose and remove OneSoftPerDay.

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