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Online Video Promoter Removal Guide

Online Video Promoter, also known as Media Player or WinPL.exe, is a potentially unwanted application that is published by eLink Industry, Inc. The software gets distributed with the help of fake ads and unreliable installers. You may also be offered to download the program after you click on a corrupted video link.

After the installation, the so-called player is stored in %APPDATA%TWV folder. It causes various unwanted disturbances, which is why you should not waste your time on it and delete Online Video Promoter from your system without hesitation.

Online Video Promoter removal Remove Online Video Promoter

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How does Online Video Promoter work?

Online Video Promoter functions in a similar manner to Online Ad Scanner. Once it gets installed, it adds a process called WinPL.exe to your Task Manager. As it has been mentioned above, the application can cause various interruptions. For example, the software can perform video views without your permission. That slows down your Internet connection and system speed. The program constantly connects to, which is how its developers make profit. That is its main purpose and it will not be beneficial to you in any way. You should not keep useless programs on your PC, which is why we suggest that you terminate Online Video Promoter.

Moreover, the application is known to travel bundled with other freeware. It is very likely that Online Video Promoter is not the only unwanted program in your system. Potentially unwanted programs may not be malicious themselves, but they can expose you to unsafe online content which could lead you to malware harboring sites. You could infect your computer or fall victim to some other virtual scam. If you want to make sure that you never allow unwanted application to access your PC, you have to be attentive every time you install freeware. The unwanted programs are usually presented as additional offers. You have to decline these offers if you wish to keep your computer infection-free.

How to remove Online Video Promoter?

You can erase Online Video Promoter from your system manually or automatically. Since there is a strong possibility that you have additional unwanted programs on your PC, we suggest that you go with automatic removal. Download and install the anti-malware tool. Use it to perform a system scan and it will detect all applications that should be removed from your computer. You will then be able to eliminate Online Video Promoter and other threats from your PC. Moreover, the utility will also protect your system from other online dangers. Alternatively, you can try to terminate Online Video Promoter using the manual removal instructions presented below.

Remove Online Video Promoter manually

Uninstall Online Video Promoter from Windows 8

  • Search → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Online Video Promoter → Uninstall

Delete Online Video Promoter from Windows 7 and Vista

  • Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Online Video Promoter → Uninstall

Erase Online Video Promoter from Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → Online Video Promoter → Remove

Download Removal Toolto remove Online Video Promoter

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