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Open Software Updater Removal Instructions

Open Software Updater is classified as a potentially unwanted application or adware. It is published by Installer Technology Co. It is supposed to check if there are any updates for your programs and notify you of them. The program had an official website at, where you could download it, however, if you try opening this page now it will be blocked for security reasons.

This means that you probably downloaded it together with other freeware. The application has been known to come with various programs that you certainly do not need on your PC. If it was never your intention to install it, you should terminate Open Software Updater.

Open Software Updater 1 Remove Open Software Updater

Download Removal Toolto remove Open Software Updater

How does Open Software Updater work?

Open Software Updater is distributed with the help of bundled freeware and shareware downloads. It arrived as an optional offer that you should have declined during the installation, but failed to do so. Moreover, if you did not notice the installation of this program, you may also have other unwanted applications on your computer. The updater has been especially linked to Conduit Search Protect, PCspeedfix, PC Tech Hotline, Buzz-it, Gorilla Price, Value Apps and some others.

The reason computer users delete Open Software Updater is usually because of the constant notifications. Some of them may be legitimate, however, others come from unreliable third parties. Having suspicious offers presented to you is never a pleasant experience. Bear in mind that if you have other potentially unwanted programs on your PC, you will notice more annoying symptoms like ads, banners, pop-ups and links appearing wherever you go online. This commercial content can also be unreliable. It may expose you to adware, browser hijackers and even malware. We recommend that you steer clear from all adverts until you remove Open Software Updater from your PC.

How to delete Open Software Updater?

Manual Open Software Updater removal is not a complicated process. However, since it is very likely that you also have other useless applications on your PC, it would be better to download and implement a malware prevention and removal tool. The anti-malware will scan your system and detect all threats that it contains. Once it does, you will be able to get rid of Open Software Updater and other infections. Another advantage of automatic removal is that the security application will safeguard your PC as long as you have it installed. Still, if you want to try to remove Open Software Updater manually, you can use the instruction below.

Uninstall Open Software Updater manually

Delete Open Software Updater from Windows 8/7 & Vista

  • Right-click on the lower left corner/Click on the Start button
  • Choose Control Panel and move to Uninstall a program
  • Select Open Software Updater and click Uninstall

Eliminate Open Software Updater from Windows XP

  • Open Start menu and select Control Panel
  • Once there, double-click Add or remove programs
  • Choose Open Software Updater and click Remove

Download Removal Toolto remove Open Software Updater

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