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PC Speed Maximizer Removal Tips

PC Speed Maximizer claims to be able to clean your computer from the junk files, optimize your registry, clear out some disk space, and delete other useless files. Since these promises sound very enticing, many users download this application voluntarily. However, they are always left disappointed, because software never lives up to the expectations.

That is because PC Speed Maximizer is a rogue anti-spyware which is unable to actually help your PC. If you installed this useless tool, we recommend to delete PC Speed Maximizer immediately.

PC Speed Maximizer removal Remove PC Speed Maximizer

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How does PC Speed Maximizer infiltrate your computer?

One of the reason why you should get rid of PC Speed Maximizer is its distribution method. You can install PC Speed Maximizer from its home page, however it is also possible to find it inside your computer even if you did not performed the installation. This means that the creators of this software use some clandestine way to spread this application. Our research team found out that this fake anti-spyware can travel together with freeware from unsafe pages. You should also avoid suspicious advertisements, unknown links, and especially XP Micro Antivirus Online Scan which actively distributes the rogue. Take your computer’s security seriously and eliminate PC Speed Maximizer as soon as you notice it in your system.

What does PC Speed Maximizer do?

This scareware tries to convince you that your PC is infected and full of junk, because it wants you to download the full version. The official website claims that this application will easily clean your system and increase the speed of your computer. Unfortunately, if you download this software, you will notice that the speed of your PC is much slower and the overall performance is poorer than before. This is one of the reasons to erase PC Speed Maximizer.

When the malicious software is installed, you will witness many similar alerts:

Do you have a License Key?
If you purchased PC Speed Maximizer a license key will have been emails to you. Please enter the license key below and click Activate Now.

Remember that even if you follow the instructions and activate the license key, the application will not be able to help your system. Do not be fooled by this rogue and delete PC Speed Maximizer now.

The full package of this fake anti-spyware is, of course, not free and you will need to reveal your credit card information in order to purchase it. We strongly advise you against doing that, since paying for this useless software is the equivalent of throwing your money away. Besides, it is not advisable to reveal your banking data to unknown parties, because it can result in monetary loss. Do not risk your savings and terminate PC Speed Maximizer immediately.

How to remove PC Speed Maximizer?

You should not attempt to remove PC Speed Maximizer by yourself. The process is long and quite difficult for an inexperienced user. The best option is to install a reputable antimalware and use it to uninstall PC Speed Maximizer.

Download Removal Toolto remove PC Speed Maximizer

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