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What is Police Virus?

If your whole computer’s system is blocked and you see the fake notification from the police that informs you about committing any illegal action that is connected with your browsing activity you can be pretty sure that your computer is infected by the sneaky Police Virus. You should know that Police Virus is highly interrelated with other similar viruses that belong to Ukash virus group. Cyber criminals who constantly create similar viruses, try to hide under the names of various legal institutions (for example, Canadian Investigation Department, FBI and other).

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The main idea of this action is that people are always tend to be afraid of various institutions and don’t really want to have any problems with police. So, when you see a notification provided from such institution, most probably you will be frightened and obey to the following orders. However, if you do so, you will be in a real trouble of losing all your money. In all cases you have to delete Police virus out of Windows operating system.

How does Police virus manage to infiltrate system?

One of the main ways in which Police Virus can enter your computer is through infected spam letters. Besides that, you can easily infect your computer with this sneaky virus while visiting unreliable websites and through freeware or shareware. Because of that, you always have to double-check all the files or programs that you want to download and install into your computer. Moreover, better stay way from any unreliable and suspicious-looking applications, files or websites. Keep in mind that cyber criminals are very smart and they have created plenty ways in which they can infect your computer. So, only constant precaution will help you to protect your computer and yourself from being another victim of such dangerous computer infection. Once it is in your system, it is necessary to operate Police virus removal.

How Police Virus affect your computer?

All the viruses that are connected with Ukash virus group act very similarly and Police Virus is no exception. When the sneaky Trojan enters your computer, it installs Police Virus and from that moment all the system is blocked up. The only thing you can see is a huge fake alert message that seems to be sent from the police station. The message may inform you that you have committed an illegal action (visited illegal page, downloaded unreliable software or other) and now if you want to unlock your computer and avoid legal liability, you have to pay a fine.

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Of course, if you agree to implement this action, very soon you can find your bank accounts completely empty. So, don’t let yourself to be fooled by various cyber criminals and better remove this sneaky virus from your computer before it’s too late.

How to remove Police Virus?

As you can see, this malware is very dangerous and can cause you a lot of problems. Because of this reason you shouldn’t hesitate anymore and uninstall Police virus from your computer as soon as possible. We can assure that one of the best ways to get rid of such dangerous infections is to download and install reliable anti-malware application such as SpyHunter. With the help of this anti virus tool you will be able to eliminate the malware and safeguard your computer from other potentially malicious internet infections.

Removal instructions:

1. First of all, restart your infected computer.
2. Tap F8 button and then choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ (with the help of arrow keys)
3. Now, click on the ‘Start’ menu and then launch ‘Run’.
4. Here you have to type in ‘msconfig’ and click ‘OK’.
5. Now, select ‘Startup’ tab and check all the start up programs.
6. Another step is to download SpyHunter.
7. Now, reboot your computer once again and let the SpyHunter to run a full system scan.

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