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What is that PRISM virus?

PRISM Virus is a new and malicious disease and it is very probable for your computer to be attacked by it if you are the citizen of the United States. However, not only this disease is created to attack the Americans’ computer, some previous also were of the same manner, such as Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section virus, United States Courts virus, Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus and etc. But the country is not the main condition.

Your operating system also should not be very well secured, so, it is easy for PRISM virus to enter the computer. This type of diseases must be eliminated immediately after the fake screen-lock is being noticed, because user cannot access the main things in the operating system such as desktop. Please, do not believe in the message you see and better think about the quick PRISM virus removal.

PRISM Virus Remove PRISM Virus

What are the signs of PRISM virus?

The thing showing that your computer was conquered by the dangerous PRISM virus is that your computer is paralyzed by the fake but seriously looking message telling that ‘YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED!’. Hence, at the same moment you see the notification show below, you have to take measures to remove PRISM virus:

Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.

In order to resolve the situation in an above-mentioned way you should pay a fine of $300

What is most important is that you should believe in what is written. You must ignore the message and don’t pay the money you are asked, because truly, you have nothing to do with the illegal content downloading or distribution. Paying the money will not help you to unlock your PC more quickly, because even the asked transfer would be made through the untrustful MoneyPak which is the money transfer system. So, the cybercriminals would only take your money and leave you with your locked computer system. What you better do is look for the PRISM virus removal instructions and eliminate this disease from your computer ASAP. For the removal tips, follow the next paragraphs.Download Removal Toolto remove PRISM Virus

How to delete PRISM virus?

If you are not very well experiences computer specialist, we do not advice you to try removing PRISM virus manually. Oppositely, you should rely on the automatic and effective tools, such as Spyhunter. Install this software you won’t have to worry about the attackers anymore. Spyhunter will trace and remove all the necessary viruses from the computer. For the detailed steps, see below.

Remove PRISM virus from Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • Reboot the PC.
  • Immediately after boot up screen disappears, press F8 key.
  • Using arrow keys, choose Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Press Enter.
  • Download SpyHunter.
  • After downloading, install it for the PRISM virus to be found and removed.

Remove PRISM virus from Windows 8

  • Open the Charm Bar in your Windows system.
  • Go to Settings -> Change PC Settings -> General.
  • Navigate to Advanced Startup and then press Start Now button.
  • Follow the sequence of Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> Restart -> F5.
  • Immediately after computer restarts in Safe Mode with Networking, choose the search engine.
  • Download Spyhunter.
  • Install it and remove the threats found.

Remove PRISM virus from Windows XP

  • Reboot the PC.
  • Immediately after bootup screen loads up, press F8.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking using up/down arrows and then click on Enter.
  • Choose YES on the alert shown.
  • Download SpyHunter.
  • Go to the Start menu, press RUN, type msconfig into the box shown and choose OK.
  • Press the Startup tab and choose Disable All. Choose OK for actions to be confirmed.
  • Restart computer in the usual mode, install the software and remove PRISM virus.

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