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Tips on PUM.Hijack.StartMenu Removal

PUM.Hijack.StartMenu is a potentially unwanted modification that refers to your start menu settings alteration. If your anti-malware tool has detected PUM.Hijack.StartMenu on your computer it means that your system has been infected by a malicious program. PUM.Hijack.StartMenu can change your Start menu settings such as layout or distribution of certain buttons without your permission.

If you did not make these modifications yourself it means that you have a potentially unwanted program or malware on your PC. If you want to uninstall PUM.Hijack.StartMenu you will have to delete the program that caused it to appear in the first place.

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What are the symptoms of your PC being infected?

It is not going to be too difficult to find out whether you see the alert about PUM.Hijack.StartMenu because you have malware on your PC or not. The usual symptoms that your system will display if it is indeed affected are the following. You will notice that your computer does not function properly, that is it runs much slower than it used to and may even crash from time to time. Moreover, you may experience difficulties while being online like constant redirects and various advertisements as well as modified home page and search engine. If you see any of these changes in your computer you are probably infected by a malicious or a potentially unwanted program.

How did my PC get infected?

It should come as no surprise to you that your system got infected if you were not careful enough while browsing the Web. You should pay special attention to freeware and shareware websites as these programs usually come bundled with additional applications. It is always better to download software from official websites or at least choose Custom Installation in order to avoid the unwanted programs. Moreover, you should also be careful with spam e-mails and only open mail and download the attachments if they come from reliable sources. If you follow all of these suggestions you should be able to keep your system safe and clean.

How to remove PUM.Hijack.StartMenu?

If you want your computer functioning to return back to normal you have to delete PUM.Hijack.StartMenu from your system. The only way to do that is by implementing a reliable malware removal tool (we recommend Spyhunter) on your PC. It will detect the malicious program that plagues your system and terminate it completely. You will be in control of your computer once again and will not have to worry about its safety as the security tool will prevent all unwanted and dangerous applications from infecting your PC.

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