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Rich Media View Removal

Rich Media View is an ad-supported program that is practically identical to Media Buzz and BetterSurf. The main purpose of these programs is to present you with various advertisements. Rich Media View may be promoted as a browser extension that will help you save money by displaying various deals and coupons, but the truth is you will never know if the offer is trustworthy or not. Keeping adware on your system exposes you to unnecessary security risks, not to mention that your browsing will be constantly interrupted. You should delete Rich Media View from your PC as soon as you can.

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How does Rich Media View work?

One thing that all adware programs have in common is their distribution method. These applications are usually distributed by being bundled with freeware or shareware programs. Rich Media View has been associated with DomaIQ installer. If you installed a program with the help of this installer it is quite likely that this is how Rich Media View ended up on your PC. Other ad-supported programs like 123HD-Ready, Genesisoffers and RRSavings have been associated with the installer as well. So there is a chance that along with Rich Media View you installed other unwanted programs onto your computer.

Rich Media View invades all of your browsers once it gets installed onto your PC. It displays various ads, pop-ups, sponsored links, banners and so on. The problem with these adverts is that you may never know if the information provided is true or not. It is quite simple for cyber criminals to display fake data in their ads and trick you into virtual scams or malware download as Rich Media View does not hold responsibility for the content of the promoted pages. Therefore we do not recommend clicking on these links. Do not be tricked into downloading a software update or some other supposedly useful program from unfamiliar pages as this is one the tricks that is used quite often by the cyber criminals. All software should be downloaded from its official website.

How to remove Rich Media View?

As the program is not beneficial to you in any way, it is better to uninstall Rich Media View from your system. There are two ways how you can do that. If you want to terminate Rich Media View manually you can do that via Control Panel. After you access Control Panel by clicking on Settings in Windows 8 or Start in other Windows systems you need to select Add or remove or Uninstall a program. Afterwards, just click on Rich Media View and terminate it. If, however, you want to get rid of all unwanted programs on your PC you should implement a malware removal tool (e.g. Spyhunter) that will get rid of Rich Media View and other useless applications automatically. It will also protect your PC from other similar online threats.

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