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What is Rihanna Toolbar?

Rihanna Toolbar is promoted as a browser extension that will help you access all information concerning Rihanna. You will be able to view her music videos and photos, read her biography, find news and articles about the famous singer and so on. Every time something new appears on the Internet about Rihanna you will be sent an alert or a message. The Toolbar is targeted at “the ultimate fan” and is there to provide you with all access to the information about your favorite celebrity. What the promotion does not say is that Rihanna Toolbar is also an adware program that will fill your browsers with tons of advertisements, pop-ups and sponsored links.

It is never a good idea to keep adware on your PC. If you do not wish to risk your computer safety you should remove Rihanna Toolbar as soon as possible.

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What does Rihanna Toolbar do?

Once Rihanna Toolbar is in your computer system you will notice some changes. First of all, as it was mentioned, you browsers will be filled with ads that will become quite a big part of your browsing. However, it does not stop there. The links you will be provided with may be malicious, so you should not click on them unless you want to download malware onto your PC. Rihanna Toolbar is also capable of altering your search results to include various sponsored links that have nothing to do with your inquiry. The program may also load unnecessary files that will cause your system to slow down.

rihanna Remove Rihanna Toolbar

Aside from harming your computer you should also keep in mind that Rihanna Toolbar can record your private information by tracking your cookies. You browsing history like made searches and visited pages may be exposed to third parties. Usually this information is collected in order to personalize the ads and make them more appealing to the customer. If you want to keep your private data to yourself and improve your Internet security you should delete Rihanna Toolbar from your PC.

How to uninstall Rihanna Toolbar?

It is quite difficult to terminate Rihanna Toolbar completely as some of its components could return again. Therefore we suggest automatic removal of the adware which will ensure your PC stays clean. If you download and install an anti-malware tool, e.g. Spyhunter. you will be able to erase the adware and all of its components. The anti-malware program will also keep your system safe in the future by protecting it from similar threats. After you terminate the toolbar it is also advisable to reset your browsers to previous settings. Instructions on how to do that are provided below.

Rihanna Toolbar removal

Erase Rihanna Toolbar from Internet Explorer

Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Reset -> Reset -> Close

Eliminate Rihanna Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

Alt+H -> Troubleshooting Information -> Reset Firefox – > Reset Firefox – > Finish

Get rid of Rihanna Toolbar from Google Chrome

Google Chrome menu -> Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Reset browser settings -> Reset.

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