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RockApps Removal Tips

RockApps is a semi random name adware. The application was created on JustPlugIt engine and is mostly distributed via Installrex, Amonetize, or Vittalia installers. The software infiltrates all major browsers and shows multiple commercial ads in all of them.

While at first the ads may seem attractive, quite soon they start to annoy the users and become the main reason users wish to delete RockApps. If you also share this experience, read the following article to find out more about this program and to learn how to get rid of RockApps.

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What does RockApps do?

As soon as the advertising supported program enters a system, it presents users with numerous advertisements. Whichever window you open, various pop-ups, in-text ads, banners, etc. will appear and attempt to induce you to click them. To make the ads more attractive, the adware even follows your online activities and customizes the ads. While this may not seem so bad, bear in mind that the gathered information (search queries, IP address, geographical location, visited pages, clicks, etc.) is also shared with the third parties. We will explain why you cannot trust the affiliate parties and why the only way to keep your PC safe is to remove RockApps in the next paragraph.

Since ad-supported programs are not liable for the damage made by the promoted parties, they do not check them. This means that it is entirely possible that after you click one of the sponsored ads, you will be routed to a malicious website and encounter cyber criminals. Needless to say, cyber crooks will definitely use an opportunity to infect a new system with malware. Do not delay any longer and terminate RockApps as soon as you can.

As we mentioned before, RockApps usually travels with various installers. Users can get them after they click a fake download button in a torrent or some other suspicious file sharing website. The best decision, of course, would be to use only the official pages. However, if that is not an option, you should at least pay more attention to freeware installation procedures. Also, bear in mind that this particular adware often travels with such applications like, PUP.EZDownloader, which means that most likely you will need to take care of their removal as well.

How to remove RockApps?

Manual step by step instructions on how to get rid of RockApps you will find under this report. However, remember that if the adware infiltrates your PC alongside other unwanted programs, manual RockApps removal will leave them behind. To clean your entire PC, we suggest to purchase a reputable computer security tool and let it eliminate RockApps for you. This option will uninstall all the other intruders from your system too.

Delete RockApps

Windows 8

  • Click Windows key + R and enter Control Panel.
  • Tap Enter and go to Uninstall a program.
  • Find and uninstall RockApps.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Press Start and go to Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program and uninstall RockApps.

Windows XP

  • Open Start menu and click Control Panel.
  • Select Add or Remove programs and terminate RockApps.

Erase RockApps extensions

Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools.
  • Choose Add-ons and open Add-ons Manager.
  • Click on Extensions and delete suspicious add-ons.

Google Chrome

  • Launch the browser and tap the menu.
  • Move to Tools and then Extensions.
  • Eliminate the suspicious extensions.

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