What is is fake pop-up ad that appears in your browsers if your PC is infected with a potentially unwanted program or adware. Whatever you see written in that ad is completely untrue. The advert may claim that your system is infected with malware and that you need to call a tech support number to get it fixed, it could also state that you need to update your browser or flash player or even that you have won a lottery. It is clear that all of these are just virtual scams designed to make easy profit. Do not trust these ads and delete related software as soon as you can.

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How does work?

Sites like are used by cyber criminals in order to scam people into transferring money or sharing their personal details with them. If you call the so-called tech support, you will be given false information about your system status and offered fake software that will not help you in any way, nor will it be cheap. If you download the fake player or browser updates, you may infect your PC with malware or another potentially unwanted application. Sharing your personal details in a fake survey may also lead to financial consequences. As you can see, there are plenty of virtual scams that you may fall victim to, if you are not careful. That is why we recommend you get rid of immediately.

As it has been mentioned above, the reason you see these fake pop-ups is because there is a potentially unwanted application installed on your PC. This program is also the reason you see other ads, banners and pop-ups that we also urge you to stay away from. The main purpose of adware is to promote various websites and generate their traffic. It is not beneficial to the computer user and that is why you should terminate related application.

How to remove

If you are not sure which program caused the pop-ups to appear, you can download a free malware scanner that will help you determine which application you need to uninstall in order to eliminate from your browsers. Once you identify the threat you can delete it either manually or automatically. If you choose manual removal, you can use the instructions that we have prepared below this article. If, however, the scan has revealed that there are other programs that need to be eliminated as well, you should download a malware removal tool. Use the anti-malware to terminate and other infections and keep your PC safeguarded in the future.

Manual removal

Windows XP

  • Click Start and open Control Panel
  • Pick Add or remove programs
  • Choose the adware and click Remove

Windows 7 and Vista

  • Click on Start and go to Control Panel
  • Choose Uninstall a program
  • Click on the application and then Uninstall

Windows 8

  • Press Win+R, type in ‘Control’ and click OK
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Choose the software and click Uninstall

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