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Guide on Removal may look like a regular browser hijacker, but it is more than that. The infection can interfere with your surfing and modify your browser settings without your permission. You will not be able to use your default search provider like Google or Bing, because the program will redirect you to its main page every time you try.

The application may claim that it is useful and combines various search tools that will improve your search results, but that is not the case. It will provide you with unreliable ads and sponsored links that should be avoided at all costs. It is important that you delete as soon as you can.

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How does work?

Once enters your PC, it will change your browser settings such as home page and default search engine. It will also cause redirects in the middle of your browsing. That, however, is only a part of the problem. The hijacker is capable of blocking certain websites completely so that you can not access them no matter how many times you try. Moreover, the application exposes you to unsafe web data like pop-ups, banners and other adverts. Clicking on them could lead to malware or spyware infections. If you do infect your computer, you will experience serious system malfunctions. You may also lose some of your data or personal details.

Although is not malicious itself, it certainly lowers your online security level, making it that much easier for you to infect your computer with a malicious application. It is clear that you should not tolerate that. As soon as you find out that you have this hijacker installed, you should not waste any time and terminate immediately.

How to remove from my PC?

The sooner you delete, the better. The hijacker may not be malicious, but it is rather difficult to remove. It is not possible to uninstall via Control Panel. Therefore manual removal may be tricky and we do not recommend doing it, especially if you do not have advanced computer knowledge. If you accidentally erase the wrong files, you may cause even more damage to your PC. That is why we recommend that you download and install a malware removal tool instead. The anti-malware utility will scan your computer, detect all components of the hijacker and eliminate completely. It will also get rid of other infections, should there be any on your system. Moreover, you will not have to worry about similar issues in the future as the security application will provide you with real-time anti-malware protection.

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