Browser Hijacker

What is also known as Sidecubes Search is classified as a browser hijacker or in some cases as a potentially unwanted program. It was developed by Ltd. is promoted as a useful program that will better your browsing experience by allowing you quick and easy access to searching, sharing and even translating. Unfortunately, the advertisement is not exactly true. The program will enter your system and modify your browser settings without your permission. It is compatible will all browsers which means that all of their setting will be altered. usually comes bundled with free software. If you did not manage to prevent it from getting on your PC you should remove now.

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How does work?

First thing that the hijacker does is change your default search engine and home page to This action is performed without your permission and you can not undo it manually until you delete altogether. Another concerning thing is that the hijacker will redirect you in the middle of your browsing to pages that you had no intention of visiting. It will also fill your browsers with various advertisements like pop-ups, banners, in-text ads, sponsored links and so much more. The main goal of is to promote certain pages and generate their traffic. This is how the developers of the hijacker make profit and this is the only reason it was created in the first place.

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However, the worst thing about is that it may expose you to potentially harmful webpages. The program is not responsible for the links it presents so you may be redirected to pages with malware installers or virtual scams. Do not click on any of that ads presented to you by the hijacker and uninstall right away.

How to delete

The best way to get rid of is by installing a malware removal tool that will eliminate the program and scan your PC for other threats. It will also keep your system protected in the future. Having a powerful anti-malware tool is a good way to avoid browser hijackers and other unwanted or dangerous programs. The second option would be to terminate via Control Panel. Here you need to click on Add or remove programs/Uninstall a program depending on the Windows system. Then choose and terminate the program. This option is not as reliable, but it can still work. Afterwards also make sure to reset your browsers. removal

Reset Internet Explorer

1. Open IE and click on Tools
2. Go to Internet Options
3. Click Reset on the Advanced tab
4. Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings
5. Click Delete personal settings
6. Click Reset

Reset Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla and press Alt+H
2. Go to Troubleshooting Information
3. Click on Reset Firefox and confirm the action

Reset Google Chrome

1. Launch your browser and click on the menu
2. Open Settings
3. Click Show Advanced Settings
4. Select Reset browser settings
5. Click Reset

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