Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker that replaces your home page and default search engine without your permission. The application is not malicious itself, however, it does expose you to unnecessary security risks. It also makes changes in your browser settings that are not useful to you in any way. is not the only one if its kind.

There are plenty of hijackers similar to it like,,,, and many more. The program will not add any value to your system. We recommend you delete as soon as you can.  Remove

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How does work?

Once enters your PC, you will notice browser settings modifications such as a new home page, default search provider and possibly new tab page. If you try using the hijacker’s search engine, you will simply be redirected to Moreover, as soon as your computer gets infected, you will start noticing an increased amount of various ads, pop-ups, banners, links and so on. These adverts should not be clicked on. They may redirect you to corrupted websites, present you with fake lotteries and surveys, promote updates and software that are actually potentially unwanted applications, etc. If you want to make sure that your computer stays infection-free, you should terminate without delay.

Browser hijackers are usually distributed via third party software bundles. If you download free programs from pages like,, and similar, you should keep in mind that you will be presented with additional offers. These offers are usually potentially unwanted applications like browser hijackers and adware. The unwanted programs are used to monetize free services and are in no way beneficial to the computer user. Keeping them on your PC is not a good idea.

How to remove

It is not that easy to get rid of or any other hijacker for that matter. Manual removal may take some time, but if you follow the instructions below, you should be able to do it. First, you need to delete and the related program, then, reset your browsers and check if your Target line has been modified. If you think that this may be too complicated for you, we advise you download a malware removal tool that will clean your computer automatically. The anti-malware utility will scan your PC, detect all components of the hijacker and eliminate completely. It will also protect your system from other online infections as long as you have it installed. Removal

Step 1: Uninstall and the related program

Windows 7/Vista/8

  • Click Start or right-click the lower left corner
  • Select Control Panel → Uninstall a program
  • Delete the unwanted application

N.B. If you are using Windows XP, instead of Uninstall a program, you need to click on Add or remove programs.

Step 2: Remove from browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Gear icon → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset → Delete personal settings → Reset → Close

Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Menu → Question mark → Troubleshooting Information → Reset Firefox → Reset Firefox → Finish

Reset Google Chrome

  • Chrome menu → Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Reset settings → Reset

Step 3: Modify your browser settings

  • Right-click on your browser shortcut
  • Choose Properties and open Shortcut tab
  • Check if there any text after “exe” in Target
  • If so, erase it and click OK to save changes.

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