Potentially Unwanted Application Removal Guide gets set as your default search engine when you install a potentially unwanted application. The program that modifies your browser settings and changes your search provider is called Swagbucks Toolbar. The toolbar was developed by Prodege LLC and is represented Conduit.

You can acquire it at or The browser plugin is a part of the online rewards program that allows you to earn reward money and spend it in your favorite online stores. If you do not wish to use the search engine provided by the toolbar, you should terminate  Remove

Download Removal Toolto remove

How does work?

Swagbucks Toolbar contains a search box and a drop down menu which appears when you click on Search & Win. If you open the drop down menu you will see links that lead to weather forecasts, a dictionary and other sites that you may find useful. Other buttons of the extension include Check for Swag Codes and SBTV, which allows you to watch videos online and earn swag bucks more quickly. Although Swagbucks Toolbar was developed by a different company, its relation to Conduit makes it somewhat suspicious. It can enter the computer bundled with other Conduit freeware and it is not easy to remove.

You may think that because the potentially unwanted program changes your home page and default search engine to, it should be classified as a browser hijacker. That could be the case, however, you are always asked if you want to make these modifications. You may not have noticed agreeing to them, but you most certainly did. Although the official site of the toolbar states that the provided search engine brings you top results and makes it easier to earn swag bucks, you may be more comfortable using your regular search tool. In this case we recommend that you delete along with its related program.

How to remove

If you want to eliminate from your browsers, you will have to uninstall Swagbucks Toolbar from your system and restore your browser settings. That should not be too difficult to do if you carefully follow the step-by-step instructions presented below this article. There is, however, a quicker and more reliable solution to removal. Download a malware prevention and removal utility and let it clean your PC. You will not have to worry about future infections as the anti-malware will not only delete, but also safeguard your computer from other Internet-based threats. Removal

Uninstall Swagbucks Toolbar from Windows

Windows 8

  • Win+R → input ‘control’ → OK → Uninstall a program → Swagbucks → Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → Swagbucks → Remove

Windows 7 and Vista

  • Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Swagbucks → Uninstall

Eliminate from browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Gear icon → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset
  • Check Delete personal settings box
  • Click on Reset

Mozilla Firefox

  • Firefox menu → Question mark → Firefox Help
  • Click on Refresh Firefox button
  • Confirm it and click Finish

Google Chrome

  • Chrome menu → Settings → Show advanced settings
  • Click on Reset settings and choose Reset

Download Removal Toolto remove

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