Browser Hijacker Removal Tips is a browser hijacker that may look like a reliable tool, but in fact it is not. The application provides you with quick access links to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, eBay and so on. changes your browser settings without your permission.

It works on all browsers which means that no matter which web browser you have installed, it will be affected. The main page of the application may seem trustworthy, but we do not recommend using the search engine provided on it. What we do recommend is that you terminate as soon as you can.  Remove

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How does work? acts in a similar way to other browser hijackers like Shopping Helper or Linkury Smartbar. It also enters your system bundled with freeware, usually via Installcore download managers and does not get noticed until it is already too late. has been linked to Sweet Page, CouponDownloader and Deal Keeper, which means that there is a high possibility that one of these potentially unwanted applications has also gained access to your PC. If you want to avoid similar situations in the future, you need to pay more attention to what you install on your computer and overview all information presented in the installation wizard.

Once the hijacker gets installed, it replaces your home page and default search engine with Not only are you forced to see this page every time you open your browser, but you also have to use the unreliable engine that provides you with altered results containing various ads and sponsored links. Even though it claims to present you with results by Yahoo Search, you should not believe it. The program is more than capable of exposing you to corrupted links and ads that can lead you to malware harboring websites. If you wish to keep your PC safe and protected, you should delete

How to remove

Terminating is not an easy process. You need to uninstall related program, reset your browsers and check your Target line. If your Target line has been modified you will have to fix it. Below we have prepared full manual removal instructions. However, if you do not feel like you have enough competence to complete these tasks or if you simply want to improve your cyber security level, you should download a malware prevention and removal tool. The program will remove and other infections from your PC and make sure that it stays clean and secure in the future. Removal

I. Delete

Windows 8/7 & Vista

• Right-click the bottom left corner/Click on Start
• Open Control Panel -> Uninstall a program
• Choose the unwanted application and click Uninstall

Windows XP

• Click Start -> Control Panel
• Pick Add or remove programs
• Choose the unwanted software
• Click Remove

II. Eliminate from browsers

Reset Internet Explorer

• Alt+T → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset → Delete personal settings → Reset → Close

Reset Mozilla Firefox

• Alt+H → Troubleshooting Information → Reset Firefox → Reset Firefox → Finish

Reset Google Chrome

• Alt+F → Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Reset browser settings → Reset

III. Fix your Target line

• Right-click on the browser shortcut
• Click on Properties and then Shortcut
• Check your Target line
• If you see any text after “exe”, erase it
• Click OK to save changes

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