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What is is a browser hijacker that replaces your home page, new tab page and default search engine. The program is advertised as a browser add-on that is supposed to help you customize your tabs and protect your browsers from being affected by other programs. It does deliver on its promises except for the fact that you will also not be able to make any settings modifications yourself. is not beneficial for the computer user and the only reason it is distributed is to promote various websites. There is no reason for you to keep it on your system, therefore we recommend you delete

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How does work? usually comes bundled with various potentially unwanted programs like DealKeeper, PC Optimizer Pro, MyPCBackup and more. It is distributed via Installcore download clients which are used on freeware hosting websites. If you want to avoid browser hijackers or adware programs you should pay more attention to the installation process of freeware. It is important to check EULA to see if there are any additional applications that will also be installed. It is also a good idea to choose Advanced Installation instead of the “Quick” or “Regular” as this will allow you to deselect all unfamiliar software.

As for the changes that will occur once gets access to your system, you will notice them right away. Your browser settings will be modified while your browsing sessions will be constantly interrupted by redirects, ads and pop-ups. Any information provided to you by should not be trusted as it may be false. You could be presented with fake software updates or lotteries. In the first case you will be downloading malware onto your PC instead of an update. In the second one, you will disclose your personal details to cyber criminals. None of this is what you want. The sooner you terminate the better.

How to remove

The most reliable solution to removal is using a powerful anti-malware tool, especially considering that the program comes bundled with potentially unwanted applications. The malware remover will scan your computer, detect all unwanted software and eliminate along with it. Moreover, the security utility will also continue to work hard at keeping your system safe and protected from other Internet infections. If, however, you want to uninstall manually that is possible as well. You can make use of the instructions below the article to do just that. Removal

I. Delete unwanted software

1. Press Win+R, type in “control” and tap Enter
2. Select Uninstall a program/Add or remove programs
3. Highlight the unwanted application
4. Click Uninstall/Remove

II. Remove from browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Click on the Gear icon and then Internet Options
2. Go to the General tab and change your home page
3. Click OK and press Alt+T
4. Select Manage add-ons and go to Search Providers
5. Delete and set a new search engine

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the menu and select Options
2. Replace your home page on the General tab
3. Click OK and the click on the search provider icon
4. Erase and set a new search provider

Google Chrome

1. Click on the menu and go to Settings
2. Click Set pages under On startup
3. Change your home page and click OK
4. Under Search click Manage search engines
5. Set a new search engine and delete

III. Edit browser shortcuts

1. Right-click on the browser icon
2. Select Properties
3. Locate Target on the Shortcut tab
4. Erase all text after the closing quotation mark
5. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

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