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Fake Antispyware

What is Security Shield?

Security Shield is yet another rogue anti-spyware program that looks like a legitimate anti-malware tool. Security Shield is extremely hazardous and the longer you keep it on your computer system the more damage the program will do. Security Shield will prompt you with various fake alerts that will urge you to purchase the full version of the software. This is done to make money off of unsuspecting computer users and also to acquire their personal details including credit card information.

Whatever you do, do not download the so-called full version of the program. Delete Security Shield from your system as soon as you can.

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Security Shield Virus Remove Security Shield

How does Security Shield work?

As it has already been mentioned, Security Shield may look like a legitimate security program. However, once it gets installed it performs a fake system scan and presents you with results that could not be further from the truth. It does not matter if your computer is infected or not the notification that will be displayed on your screen will state that there are various problems with your system. The messages may look something like this:

“Security Shield Warning
Intercepting malicious software that may violate your privacy and harm your computer has been detected. Click here to remove now with Security Shield.”

“Security Shield Warning
Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This form of spyware attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other commonly used programs. Click here to immediately remove it with Security Shield.”

The alerts are all more or less the same: they claim your PC is infected by malicious applications and you need to download the full version of Security Shield to remove them. Do not follow any instructions presented in these messages as paying the cyber criminals will only provide them with your details and further damage your PC with malware. What you should do instead is use the following activation key which will make it easier to get rid of Security Shield: 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2. Once the fake scan is finished, click the Remove button and “Yes, activate Security Shield”. Then you will be able to register the program using the code provided above. Afterwards, your Internet connection should get back to normal and you will be able to eliminate Security Shield from your computer.

How to remove Security Shield from my system?

The only way to terminate Security Shield and similar fake anti-spyware programs is by downloading and installing a legitimate malware removal tool. Manual Security Shield removal is not something we would recommend if you do not have advanced computer knowledge. A reliable anti-malware utility will scan your computer system and detect all elements of the threat. It will then uninstall Security Shield completely. Moreover, the program also functions as a malware and spyware prevention tool which means that it will protect your PC from similar infections you can catch online.

Download Removal Toolto remove Security Shield

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