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SecurityHelper.dll Removal Guide (Uninstall SecurityHelper.dll)

SecurityHelper.dll is a file that belongs to a Trojan horse. The Trojan comes from the Win32/Sathutbot malware family and is usually bundled with Backdoor:Win32/Simda.A Trojan, so you should not be surprised if you have this parasite in your system as well. If your computer is infected by these threats, it means that the cyber criminals can access it remotely. They can gather your personal data and severely damage your PC.

The file named SecurityHelper.dll is usually stored in C:ProgramDataMicrosoftSecurityClient folder. Other files that belong to the infection are stored in %Temp% folder. There is no question that you should eliminate SecurityHelper.dll and other malicious files from your system as soon as you can.

SecurityHelper.dll  Remove SecurityHelper.dll

How does SecurityHelper.dll work?

Before you delete SecurityHelper.dll, you should know how it ended up on your computer. There are a few ways of how you could have infected your PC. Trojans are often disguised as useful applications or their updates. That is why you should not click on any suspicious ads that promote supposedly valuable software. You may also infect your system if you download a spam email attachment or click on a corrupted link. As you can see, it is not that difficult to accidentally infect you system, that is why you should always be attentive and careful while browsing the Web.

The Trojan that SecurityHelper.dll belongs to has been created to drive traffic to webpages that are controlled by cyber crooks. It can also be used to steal private information from the infected system. The Trojan can drop other unwanted applications onto your computer such as adware or browser hijackers. These programs will fill your browsers with unreliable ads and redirect you to unknown sites in the middle of your surfing. They will also affect your computer and online browsing speed. Other symptoms that you are bound to notice is system freezes, crashes and erratic behavior. Some of your programs may be blocked by the threat, so you will not be able to access them any longer. You should terminate SecurityHelper.dll and its related malware before it causes permanent damage to your PC.

How to remove SecurityHelper.dll?

The sooner you delete SecurityHelper.dll and its related program, the better. Your computer may contain more than one threat and the only way to deal with all of them is to make use of a malware prevention and removal tool. The anti-malware will scan your PC, detect and remove SecurityHelper.dll along with other malicious files and programs. In addition to SecurityHelper.dll removal, it will also help you keep your system safe in the future by shielding it from various Internet-based infections.

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