Browser Hijacker Removal Instructions is usually classified as a browser hijacker that can get access to your computer system and affect your browser settings without you approval. The hijacker is a part of a potentially unwanted application or adware. It modifies your settings by replacing home page and default search provider, inserts commercial ads into your browsers, redirects you to its associated sites and so on. All of this is done by the hijacker in order to generate web traffic.

The developers of the unwanted program make money every time you click on an ad or a link. There is nothing useful about this application and you should not hesitate to remove along with its related program.  Remove

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Where does come from?

The potentially unwanted software enters your PC together with other freeware and shareware. It is often hard to notice, especially if you do not pay attention to the installation wizard and skip through the installation steps. If you do not decline the additional offer you unwittingly allow it to be installed as well. Free software is accompanied by potentially unwanted applications, because the bundling method is one of the easiest ways to infiltrate the computer.To avoid similar programs in the future, you should choose Advanced installation mode and decline all offers of unknown software installation.

How does work?

As soon as takes over, it changes your home page and default search provider. It may look like a normal page, however, trusting it would not be the best idea. may contain various commercial ads and links that we would urge you to stay away from. The so-called search engine may also present you with results that are filled with sponsored content. It would be best if you avoid using the search tools provided by the hijacker and also ignore the adverts that you see online. Once you delete, the unwanted commercials will be removed from your browsers as well.

The reason we advise to stay away from the advertisements is because they are not all safe. You could be exposed to fake ads and corrupted links. Clicking on them could result in malware infection, disclosure of personal details and so on. If you do not wish to risk your computer and personal data safety, you should avoid all ads until you terminate

Other effects caused by the hijacker include slowed down Internet connection and system speed. The longer you keep it installed, the more it will affect your computer. The software also tracks your cookies and records your Internet surfing habits. It does that in order to personalize the ads presented to you and increase the chances of you clicking on them. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to eliminate for good.

How to remove

There are two ways you can go about removal. One of them is to delete manually. If you choose this option, you will have to uninstall the application that is responsible for the hijacker and then restore your browser settings. Detailed instructions presented below can help you with both of these tasks. Make sure you follow them carefully and you should not have any difficulties.

Alternative option is to eliminate automatically. This is a more reliable and effective solution. Download the malware removal utility and install it. The software will scan your PC and detect all suspicious files and programs. It will terminate and other possible threats. You will then be able to move on to uninterrupted and safe web browsing knowing that the anti-malware tool is protecting your system from various online infections. Removal


Windows 8/7 & Vista

• Tap Win+C and click Settings/Click Start
• Go to Control Panel and pick Uninstall a program
• Uninstall the unwanted application

Windows XP

• Click on Start and go to Control Panel
• Click on Add or Remove Programs
• Choose the software and click Remove

Get rid of from browsers:

Internet Explorer

• Click on Gear icon and open Internet Options
• Select Advanced tab and click Reset
• Mark Delete personal settings and click Reset

Mozilla Firefox

• Press Alt+H to open Help menu
• Select Troubleshooting Information
• Click on Refresh Firefox
• Confirm it and click Finish

Google Chrome

• Press Alt+F and choose Settings
• Click on Show Advanced Settings
• Click Reset settings and Reset

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