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What is Silon?

If your computer is infected by Silon, you can be pretty sure that your online banking activities are in high danger. For the first time this dangerous Trojan was detected in 2010 and since then, internet schemers are getting a lot of profit from some gullible internet users. The main idea of this malignant infection is to monitor and steal your bank card numbers, user names, passwords and other personal information. It is important to mention that the spread of this Trojan is mostly located in the United Kingdom. Despite the efforts coming from computer’s security researchers, this malware infection can still accidentally pop up in your computer. So, if you think that your computer might be infected by this dangerous banking Trojan, don’t hesitate, protect yourself from the loss of your personal data and remove Silon from your computer right now.

It is also very important to mention that when the spread of Silon was slightly suspended in 2012, internet schemers have created another similar version of banking Trojan – Tilon. However, even if Tilon is just a successful copy of Silon infection, you have to protect your computer from both Silon and Tilon malware infections.

How can Silon enter your computer?

As it was mentioned before, Silon is mostly spread in the UK. In general, malware infections that are tend be spread particularly in one region are really sneaky and very often PC security researchers face major challenges to detect and eliminate them.
Cyber criminals, that have created Silon, invented various ways of how this malware infection can reach your computer. First of all, you can easily infect your computer when you open an ordinary spam letter. Furthermore, you can ‘catch’ Silon while visiting one of the most popular regional webpage. Once you visit the infected website, it will redirect you to malicious and unreliable websites. What is more, Silon can be spread together with social network spam that contains particular information about the region you live in. As you can see, there are enough ways of how your computer might be infected by this sneaky banking Trojan. However, no matter in which way this malware infection can reach your computer, you have to delete Silon as soon as possible.

How to remove Silon from your computer?

Basically, Silon is created to steal your money. Once this malware infection hits your computer, it starts to monitor your personal details when you perform your banking activities. So, don’t forget that the only thing creators of Silon are interested about is your account numbers, passwords and credit card details. When this information reaches malignant third party, you can be sure that very soon your bank accounts will be empty. So, if you want to avoid the loss of all your savings, we suggest you to get rid of this dangerous banking Trojan from your computer before it’s too late.

If you are ready to perform Silon removal, you should follow our advice and download reliable anti-spyware program such as Spyhunter or other reputable anti-malware program. We can assure that this application is the best way to uninstall Silon from your computer and protect it against other dangerous internet threats.

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