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What is Skype.dat?

Even though from the first sight Skype.dat might look like an innocent infection originally related with the software application Skype, you should take a closer look at it. The fact is that Skype.dat is a really dangerous ransomware which can totally lock your PC’s system and cause some other harsh consequences. The tricky part of this infection is that as soon as it enters your computer’s system, all malignant actions performed after that are made in order to extract all your money. Due to the fact that this infection is really cunning and malicious you shouldn’t hesitate anymore and remove Skype.dat straightaway.

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In what ways can Skype.dat enter your system?

For the most part, this dangerous ransomware can be distributed along with some other possibly malignant files or applications. It means that you have to stay away from any suspicious-looking application found in cyber space. Our research team has found out that currently Skype.dat infection may travel together with POLITIE Belgique Police Federale Virus, Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus, PolicĂ­a Nacional de Uruguay Virus, Malta Police Association Virus or Homeland Security Virus. Keep in mind that most of such applications for which you don’t need to pay can be bundled with some other additional files that you don’t really need. So, each time when you are determined to download some new application you have to double-check if it is safe and won’t pose a danger on to your computer’s security system. In order to avoid such unexpected and dangerous infections you have to choose Advanced or Custom installation option and then deselect the unwanted applications that may be added to the installation wizard. Moreover, there is a risk that you can let Skype.dat infiltrate your computer’s system if you are visiting some illegal websites or opening suspicious spam letters. As you can see, all the ways in which Skype.dat can enter your PC are illegal and unreliable so, if you avoid similar information you can protect your computer from any other dangerous infections.

How does Skype.dat perform?

You have to know that in most often cases this cunning infection might be found under %APPDATA% section and run together with some other malicious executable files such as ‘wgsdgsdgdsgsd.exe’, ‘UpgradeHelper.exe’ or ‘crack.exe’. One the most obvious signs of infection that you will surely notice is the lock-down of your computer’s system. In order words it means that as soon as Skype.dat reaches your PC, you won’t be able neither to access any file placed on your desktop nor open the Task Manager. Besides that, this dangerous ransomware can connect to the internet without your permission and then download into your PC some other malicious files. In addition to that, you might also be flooded by lots of irritating pop-ups and other type of advertisements or notifications. Furthermore, you will notice that your computer’s performance has become slower than in normal mode. If that’s seems to be not enough you should know that this dangerous infection can stop executable files from running or cause some crashes of your computer’s system. As you can see, there are quite a lot of dangerous consequences provided by this ransomware. So, the sooner you decide to start Skype.dat removal the fewer harmful side effects you may face.

How to delete Skype.dat?

We can definitely assure you that you should not try to perform any steps of manual removal process. Keep in mind that the same instructions that perfectly suit one infection may be totally incompatible with another infection. Because of that reason if you want to successfully uninstall Skype.dat from your PC’s you have to follow our directions provided below:

Instructions for Windows XP

1. First of all, reboot the infected computer and when the BIOS screen dissapears, begin tapping F8.
2. When the Windows Advanced Options menu is displayed, choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option (with a help of arrows) and hit ‘Enter’ key.
3. Once displayed with Desktop alert, choose ‘YES’ option.
4. After that, click on the ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘RUN’ option.
5. Now in the ‘RUN’ field, enter ‘msconfig’ and hit ‘OK’ option.
6. When ‘System Configuration Utility’ is opened, select the ‘Startup’ tab.
7. Click on ‘Disable All’ option and then choose ‘OK’ button.
8. After that, download SpyHunter and restart your computer in normal mode.
9. Install SpyHunter and begin scanning your computer’s system.

Instructions for Windows Vista and 7

1. First of all, restart your computer and when the BIOS screen is loaded up, begin tapping F8 key.
2. After that, with a help of arrow keys, choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and click on ‘Enter’.
3. Download SpyHunter.
4. After installing this application, run a full system scan.

Instructions for Windows 8

1. Firstly, access Metro UI section (after tapping on ‘Windows key’).
2. After that, download SpyHunter.
3. Install this new application and begin scanning your computer’s system.
Instructions for Windows 8
1. Firstly, access Metro UI section (after tapping on ‘Windows key’).
2. After that, download SpyHunter.
3. Install this new application and begin scanning your computer’s system.

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