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SkypeScam Removal Guide

Nowadays there are no limitations to intelligence of cyber criminals. They can modify and create any virus or just simply hide under any program that’s why voice-over IP service leader Skype is no exception. Skype Scam is a combination of several infections. In general, Skype is now used not only for calling and sending messages. Cyber criminals use Skype for transmitting malware as well. There are 2 or even more virus infections that can be sent through Skype and that can easily infect your computer with forged version of antivirus program or various ransomware. Once your computer is affected by SkypeScam, you are in high danger not only for losing total control of your safe work with your computer but also for losing your personal data or even money. Don’t wait until you have no control over this infection and remove SkypeScam from your computer right now.

How can Skype Scam enter my PC?

SkypeScam can reach your computer directly through Skype program. Cyber criminals are smart and they know that most probably you will answer to the call from any Skype service center or alert system. But don’t be fooled and never forget that there is no chance of such calls from any Skype department. However, if you answered one of those fake calls made by cyber criminals, now not only your computer but your personal information is in danger as well. You may also receive some fake alerts such as:

Attention: this is an automated computer system alert. Your computer protection service is not active. To activate computer protection, and repair your computer, go to [LINK]

Don’t click on any pages that this infection wants to redirect you. Especially avoid (‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and others) because if you click any of those links, you will be directly diverted to totally fake computer scanner that will find any threats in your computer that you immediately have to eliminate.

To do that, you have to buy malware elimination tool for $19.95. However once you pay the money you will be displayed with another fake notice:

*failure to activate computer protection service may result in severe computer malfunction

This false message means that you are already fooled by cyber criminals. So, please avoid fake proposals to buy anti-virus program. No infected program can offer you to buy reliable anti-malware program. Follow our description and you will find the best solution to delete SkypeScam.

How can SkypeScam affect your computer?

Once your computer is infected by SkypeScam, you can’t trust nor your computer neither Skype program. At the beginning, internet scams adopt your Skype program. They can hide under the names of your friends and then send you specific messages with more serious infections inside. You know your friends better than the internet scams do, so avoid and ignore any suspicious messages even if they seem to be sent from your friend’s account. When your computer is infected by SkypeScam, you just literally give scams direct access to your personal information such as your full name, personal address and other important data. So, besides the fact that your computer is already infected, we are recommending you to uninstall SkypeScam as soon as possible that you could avoid more problems such as personal data loss.

Why it is so important to remove SkypeScam?

We all know that it is always better to protect yourself before you become a victim of cyber criminals. One of the main suggestions that could help you to avoid this infection is to change your personal Skype settings. In other words, when you change your personal settings into the mode that only your Skype friends could contact you, you simply block the direct path to your Skype in which the scams could reach you personally. However, if you answered any of the fake calls, now your computer might be infected by SkypeScam. This infection has some specific features, because if you don’t operate SkypeScam removal soon enough, internet scams can not only attack your computer and personal data but they can also use your computer as a device to transmit even more infections to random people. Be smart, prevent cyber criminals to spread the infection even further and get rid of the introduced infection as soon as possible.
SkypeScam removal

As you can already see, it is essential that this malicious infection would be eliminated once you notice any infection signs because SkypeScam can not only affect the safety of your Windows operating system, but your computer may also be used as a mean to transfer the infection for the other people. The only action you need to do in order to enjoy safe work with your computer and to stop the spread of this malicious infection is to download and install the latest version of reliable anti-spyware application SpyHunter or other reputable anti-malware program. Once the program will be installed, it will not only detect and get rid of SkypeScam infection but also help to avoid any other malware that can easily infect your computer.

Erase SkypeScam from Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  • Reboot your system – and wait for BIOS to be loaded.
  • Keep pressing F8 (on keyboard) – make use of arrow keys to move to Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Go for Enter (on keyboard) – get Spyhunter on your system.
    Install it and clean PC.

Eliminate SkypeScam from Windows XP:

  • Reboot your system – and wait for BIOS to be loaded.
  • Keep pressing F8 (on keyboard) – make use of arrow keys to move to Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Go for Enter (on keyboard) – choose Yes (after you are shown a “Desktop” warning)
  • Move to Start – RUN – here, enter msconfig – OK.
  • Move to System Configuration Utility – find Startup.
  • Go for Disable All – Apply.
  • Get Spyhunter – and reboot the system in a usual mode.
    Remove the existing threats.

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