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Potentially Unwanted Application

What is Speed Test?

Even though Speed Test is described as a useful additional tool that can help you to find out if the actual download/upload speed of your computer is high enough. However, in reality it’s just another potentially unwanted application which may come into your PC without asking any permission. Due to the fact that Speed Test can infiltrate your computer’s system when you download some other files it’s impossible to acquire any confidence for this application. Because of that reason we suggest you to eliminate Speed Test as soon as you notice that this intrusive application has started to run inside your computer’s system.

How can Speed Test infiltrate your computer?

You should know that for the most part Speed Test can come inside your computer bundled with some other applications that you intentionally download from the internet. We can share the information which was recently discovered by our research team members. The researchers have found out that in most often cases Speed Test application travels bundled with Codec Performer Update. So, the next time you’ll see the false alert labeled as ‘Codec Performer Update’ you have to stay away from it. Keep in mind that cyber criminals use freeware or shareware files as one of the best tools to infiltrate random computers with some possibly undesirable applications. Because of that reason each time when you decide to download any new application (especially the application for which you don’t need to pay) you must be especially attentive and closely check if it doesn’t have any additional files.

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Moreover, you have to take a closer look at the installation procedure as well. It is important to select Advanced or Custom option and examine all the information which you can find in the installation wizard. Keep in mind that there is no reason to trust in any new application which may be provided by the members of the third-party. So, don’t rush yourself to click on the ‘Next’ button as soon as possible but instead of that read all additional details and deselect the unwanted options.

How does Speed Test work?

As soon as this application enters your computer’s system, it starts to run a scanning in order to find out more details about your PC’s speed. However, the data that you get after this fake scan may be misleading. Besides that, this application can actually slow down your computer’s speed instead of searching for any possible solutions to improve it. Moreover, this application can provide you quite a lot of annoying advertisements and pop-ups. However, if you click on any of them you may never know what impact it might have. Sometimes you can unintentionally download even more serious application inside your computer. At times you can be redirected to other website which may also contain some unreliable information.

Furthermore, this application can start to monitor your searching activities in order to send the accumulated data to the members of the dangerous third-party. After that, you can be provided even with a greater amount of various advertisements. However, monitoring your browsing activities is not so dangerous in comparison with the fact that this application can also find out your personal data that you hide even from you friends. So, if you want to protect yourself from the loss of your personal information and all the other unpleasant side effects you have to remove Speed Test straightaway.

How to delete Speed Test from your computer?

We hope that you have already decided to get rid of Speed Test application because it can’t really help you to improve your PC’s work but by contraries it can cause you some unexpected problems.

First of all, it is essential to uninstall Speed Test manually:

Instructions for Windows XP

Click on the ‘Start’ menu icon.
When the menu is displayed, select ‘Control Panel’.
Move to ‘Add or Remove Programs’ section and look for Speed Test application.
Remove the application and close the window.

Instructions for Windows 7 and Vista

1. After you click once on the ‘Start’ menu, wait until the menu will be displayed.
2. Navigate to ‘Control Panel’ section and choose ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
3. Look for the unwanted applications and remove them.

Instructions for Windows 8

1. First of all, place your mouse cursor at the bottom-right corner of the screen and when the Charm bar will be opened, click on the ‘Settings’ section.
2. Choose ‘Control Panel’ option and ten click on ‘Uninstall a program’ section.
3. Here look for Speed Test and remove it.

After that, you have to download and install reliable anti-malware application (e.g. SpyHunter). Keep in mind that only a full scan of your computer’s system can help you to make sure that there are no malicious files left inside your PC. Besides that you should know that this real time anti-virus application act as a safe tool which will protect your computer from any further infections in the future.

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