What is is a malicious pop-up that can appear on your computer screen if your PC is infected with Remarkit adware. The notification attempts to look like Windows blue screen. It is stated in it that “your computer may have experienced an unexpected system error” and that all of your files could have been lost in the process.

The message goes on to say that your PC may be infected with a malicious program and that in order to get rid of it you should call 1-866-795-4288. The notification is obviously fake and you should not believe anything that is written in it. If you call the presented number you will be offered fake software and completely waste your money. In order to get rid of you will have to delete the adware responsible for the appearance of this fake alert.  Remove Systrk.netDownload Removal Toolto remove

How does adware work?

Although page may seem like a real warning at first, if you take a closer look you will see that right above the message there is a label “Brought to you by Remarkit”. That means that you see this pop-up because of the adware installed on your computer. It is entirely possible that you do not remember installing Remarkit on your PC. That is because ad-supported applications often travel with freeware and shareware and get installed silently. If you want to avoid them in the future when installing freeware, you should always choose Advanced Installation and deselect all unfamiliar software.

Remarkit is an adware program that is supposed to allow you to highlight text online the same way you would do with a marker on a sheet of paper. If that is something you need, the app could be useful to you. However, it obviously has negative features like the fact that it presents you with untrustworthy commercial ads. You should not click on any ads presented by this program including as you may infect your PC with even more potentially unwanted programs or malware. You should terminate Remarkit and thus eliminate from your browsers.

How to remove from my PC?

If you have Remarkit on your PC, it is very possible that you may have other potentially unwanted applications on it as well. In order to find out whether that is true or not, you should download a free scanner and scan your computer. Once the scan is complete, you can either delete related adware manually or automatically. If you choose manual removal you can use the instructions presented below the article. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that your computer is clean and protected you should download the anti-malware tool. It will uninstall and protect your PC from other online threats. Removal

Delete unfamiliar programs:

Windows XP

  1. Click on Start and pick Control Panel
  2. Choose Add or remove programs
  3. Delete the unwanted application

Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Click Start and open Control Panel
  2. Click on Uninstall a program
  3. Select and erase the adware

Windows 8

  1. Move your cursor to the bottom right
  2. Click Settings on the Charm bar
  3. Choose Control Panel -> Uninstall a program
  4. Terminate unwanted software

Eliminate suspicious add-ons:

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the Gear icon and pick Manage add-ons
  2. Remove unwanted extensions

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Shift+Ctrl+A and go to Extensions
  2. Delete suspicious browser add-ons

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and choose Tools -> Extensions
  2. Eliminate unfamiliar add-ons.

Download Removal Toolto remove

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