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Instructions on Taskmgr.exe Removal

Taskmgr.exe is a legitimate file that runs on your Windows system. However, there a couple of ways how it can be used by cyber criminals. The original taskmgr.exe is located in C:WindowsSystem32 folder. If you see this file somewhere else, your system is most likely infected with malware.

However, you should also keep in mind that cyber criminals may use this file name to scare you into thinking there is something wrong with your PC and offer a fake security program. The only way to be absolutely sure if the taskmgr.exe is malicious, is to scan your system with a reliable malware scanner. If the file is indeed malicious, you will have to eliminate taskmgr.exe.

taskmgr.exe  Remove Taskmgr.exe

Is taskmgr.exe safe?

The real taskmgr.exe is an executable file that runs every time you use Windows Task Manager. It is completely safe. The file tracks your applications and system processes. You can check CPU and RAM usage and manage your computer resources with its help. However, as it has already been mentioned above, there are a couple of ways when this file is used by cyber criminals for illegal purposes.

You could see an alert on your screen claiming that there is something severely wrong with taskmgr.exe and that you need to fix it as soon as possible. These messages usually go on to say that if you download a certain security application it will be able to do just that. You should not believe these statements as they are only meant to scare you into purchasing a fake program. This software is usually called rogue anti-spyware, because it is a fake application that does not fix your system errors and protect your PC from online threats. In fact there were probably no errors to begin with.

Another problem concerning taskmgr.exe could be if your system is indeed infected with a Trojan which copies the name of the original file to stay hidden as long as possible. In this case you need to act quickly and terminate taskmgr.exe related program.

How to remove taskmgr.exe?

If you see the fake notifications or if taskmgr.exe is located in a different folder you should scan your PC immediately. The malware scanner will be able to determine whether your system is infected or not. If so, you will have to use a powerful malware removal utility that will help you uninstall taskmgr.exe and other malicious files on your computer. Do not try to deal with the infection yourself, because if you delete taskmgr.exe (the original one), you will cause unnecessary damage to your computer. The anti-malware program will also keep your system safe in the future by protecting it from various online threats like Trojans, worms, adware, browser hijackers and so on.

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