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Guide on TR/Dropper.Gen Removal

TR/Dropper.Gen is a generic detection used by various anti-virus applications for Trojan-based malware. This type of a malicious program is capable of dropping other malignant software onto the computer by installing a backdoor that the cyber criminals can use to drop potentially unwanted applications and malware onto your PC.

It can also cause other serious malfunctions. You may have gotten infected by the program if you have downloaded a spam e-mail attachment or clicked on a corrupted link. Often malware is disguised as a useful tool or an update presented in a fake ad which is why you should only download applications from official sources. If you have noticed this infection on your computer you need to delete TR/Dropper.Gen as soon as you possibly can.

TRDropper.Gen  Remove TR/Dropper.Gen

How does TR/Dropper.Gen work?

TR/Dropper.Gen installs itself by copying the .exe file to Windows folders. It also modifies the registry so that this file runs every time you turn on your computer. The malware then disables your Windows Firewall, opens ports without you knowing about it and turns off security programs. This is done in order to drop other malicious programs onto your computer that will steal your private data. The programs may record your keystrokes and send them to a remote server. They may also affect you browsers by adding various fake ads and corrupted links to them and changing their settings.

Moreover, TR/Dropper.Gen allows the cyber criminals to take over your computer completely. You could lose your files and may not be able to open certain programs at all. All of this could lead to severe system damage to a point where you will no longer be able to use your PC. The sooner you take care of the problem the better. You need to terminate TR/Dropper.Gen immediately.

How to remove TR/Dropper.Gen from my PC?

It is clear that you have to eliminate TR/Dropper.Gen from your PC. The only way to do that is by using a trustworthy anti-malware application. Unfortunately, unless you have advanced computer knowledge there is no way to delete TR/Dropper.Gen manually. If you already have a malware removal tool, but it does not seem to help you, you should download the powerful anti-malware system presented here. It will scan your PC, detect all threats and uninstall TR/Dropper.Gen as well as other malicious files. It is important to have a powerful malware removal and prevention utility if you want to avoid similar infections in the future and keep your computer safe and secure.

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