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TR/FakeAV Removal Instructions

A broad term TR/FakeAV covers countless different applications which are created to trick users and to steal their money. The rogues will do everything to convince you that your PC is infected and you need to help it by purchasing a full version of a supposedly useful tool.

These schemes are often successful, since the majority of users get so scared when faced with a long list of “threats” that they agree to buy the presented software without delay. Unfortunately, this way they reveal private information thus becoming the newest victims of cyber criminals. Be very careful and delete TR/FakeAV from your system.

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What does TR/FakeAV do?

The most common way TR/FakeAV software cheats the users out of their money is by pretending to be a legitimate anti-virus. Its creators skilfully imitate some trustworthy security program’s interface making sure that if the users are not experienced, they will not be able to see the difference. The ability to look professionally is the most important feature of any TR/FakeAV application, since it ensures the success of the scheme. Once the users are convinced that they are dealing with a reputable security tool, the rogue easily persuades them to buy the promoted security software.

If you do not remove TR/FakeAV immediately, the program gains user’s trust and starts showing the bogus scans, fake security alerts, and other suspicious messages. This information is supposed to scare you into believing that your PC is full of malware infections which you must remove immediately. To further prove to you that your PC is infected, the rogue blocks the running .exe files, Internet connection, crashes the system, and changes the background. Be assured that the reports are fake and even if there are some unwanted applications inside your PC, the malicious software would not be able to detect it. Stay away from the provided ‘Download’ button and take care of TR/FakeAV removal.

All these characteristics are common to TR/FakeAV software in all the families that produce it. The most prominent of them at this moment is the FakeRean family which produces many similar applications like TrojanDropper:Win32/Holi.gen!A, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Cbeplay.I, Win32/Oficla, Win32/Rugzip, and many others. All of them can seriously harm your computer and thus you must uninstall TR/FakeAV from your system.

Before you eliminate TR/FakeAV, you should know how it entered your PC in the first place. These applications are usually distributed via spam email attachments, bundled with freeware, malicious websites, and fake advertisements. In the future be more vigilant while surfing the Internet and use a reputable malware prevention tool to protect your system.

How to remove TR/FakeAV?

We strongly advise you against trying to delete TR/FakeAV by yourself. This process is far too tricky and complicated for inexperienced user. The best option is to install a powerful scanner and let it erase TR/FakeAV.

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