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Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus Removal Guide

Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus is a Trojan infection that drops a rogue anti-spyware application called ContraVirus onto your PC. ContraVirus tries to scam you into wasting your money by claiming you need to purchase its full version in order to clean your system.

The Trojan can attack your computer with the help of spam email attachments, fake ads, bundled software, malicious domains and so on. It creates malign files and processes including winsvc.exe, why.exe, recycle.bin.exe and many others. It uses these files to corrupt your computer and make it practically unusable. You should not waste any time and terminate Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus as soon as you realize it is on your PC.

Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus  Remove Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus

Why should I delete Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus?

As it has already been mentioned, the main purpose of Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus is to install malicious programs onto your computer without your notice. Various files associated with the infection can help it take such unwanted actions as disabling your Windows Firewall, modifying browser settings, displaying fake ads and alerts, etc. Needless to say, you should be very careful with all online data that seems even slightly suspicious. Do not click on any pop-ups, banners or any other commercial content. The malware is also bound to affect your computer speed. You will notice slow downs and freezes, some programs may become unresponsive.

The rogue anti-spyware will run a fake scan that will present you with a list of non-existent threats like viruses and Trojans. It will also try to convince you to purchase the software in order to eliminate these threats. To further scare you into buying the fake program, it will prompt you with alerts and pop-ups every time you try to open an application, especially if it is a legitimate security tool. We advise that you ignore all of the attempts made by cyber criminals and get rid of Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus right away.

How to remove Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus?

Unless you have advanced system knowledge, you should not attempt to remove Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus manually. It is a complex threat that has a lot of components, all of which must be deleted in order to fully eliminate Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus. That is why you should download a malware removal tool and let it scan your computer, detect all malicious files and programs and delete Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus along with them. The security software will also help you keep your computer safe and clean in the future by shielding it from various online parasites.

Uninstall Trojan.Downloader.Contravirus

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