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Guide on Trojan.Spyeye Removal

Trojan.Spyeye is a malicious threat that is categorized as a banking Trojan. The main purpose of the program is to steal your private information. The infection disables Firewall and affects your anti-virus system so it can stay hidden as long as possible. It records your keystrokes and collects data about your bank account details. Trojan.Spyeye launches every time you turn on your PC. It is quite difficult to spot that the program is in the system as it runs in the background and does not show a lot of symptoms.

The threat can lead to serious financial consequences and you should terminate Trojan.Spyeye as soon as you find out it is on your computer.

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How did I acquire Trojan.Spyeye?

There are various ways you can get infected by a malicious program, especially if you do not own a reliable anti-malware tool. One of the most common methods of distribution is spam e-mails. You should be especially careful with those as they have become more difficult to recognize. Do not open any e-mail attachments or click on links from unfamiliar senders. In some cases cyber criminals may even disguise e-mails as messages from delivery companies or hotels. If you are not expecting any information from a particular source do not open the e-mail. Another distribution method is freeware and shareware downloads. Keep in mind that it is always best to download software from its official website. Also, do not be tricked by pop-ups or ads that claim your PC is slow and needs to be fixed. In general, it is best to have a trustworthy anti-malware utility that will warn you about potential threats and prevent them from entering your system.

How does Trojan.Spyeye work?

As it has already been mentioned, it is quite difficult to notice that Trojan.Spyeye has entered your computer. However, there are certain processes that are associated with this Trojan. If you find kolesomini.exe, cleansweap.exe, bootstartx.exe or CIAxxxxxxx.exe in the Windows Task Manager it means that your PC is infected. If it is, you should eliminate Trojan.Spyeye as soon as you can. The longer you hesitate the more time it will have to collect your private data, get access to your bank account and steal your money.

How to remove Trojan.Spyeye?

In order to uninstall Trojan.Spyeye you should download and install a spyware removal tool. The only way to deal with malicious programs is by having a reliable anti-malware utility installed on your PC. Once you implement the security measure it will scan your system, detect the infection and delete Trojan.Spyeye along with all of its components. The program will also keep your computer safe and protected in the future.

Download Removal Toolto remove Trojan.Spyeye

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