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What is Vid Adblock?

Vid Adblock is an adware program that is promoted as a tool that will help you block ads that appear before YouTube videos. It is rather ironic that the application that actually floods your browsers with all sorts of ads is promoted as an ad-blocker. That, however, is not exactly new. All ad-supported program are advertised as something useful which, of course, they are not.

Vid Adblock may enter your system via bundled freeware or shareware downloads. It is important that you pay more attention to the installation process of these programs if you want to avoid potentially unwanted applications in the future. The adware is compatible with all popular browsers which means you will not be able to avoid the ads until you delete Vid Adblock from your PC.

Vid Adblock ADWARE Remove Vid Adblock

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How does Vid Adblock work?

Vid Adblock presents with an endless amount of commercial adverts. You will see pop-ups, banners, video ads, interstitial ads and so on. It will become impossible to browse the Web without running into these annoying messages. What is worse, however, is that the adverts you see may actually be harmful. Vid Adblock is not responsible for the content it provides you with. That is something that cyber criminals often exploit. You could see fake ads that claim to promote useful software but instead are distributing malicious programs. You could also be tricked into entering your personal details in some kind of a fake survey or lottery. This is can lead to identity theft and serious financial losses. It is clear that you should delete Vid Adblock as soon as you can if you want to avoid these unnecessary risks. In addition to the online security related issues, Vid Adblock is also responsible for the fact that your Internet connection has slowed down. Moreover, the program tracks your cookies and records you browsing activity.

How to remove Vid Adblock?

Quick and reliable solution to Vid Adblock removal is the installation of a powerful anti-malware utility. It will scan your PC and detect all unnecessary applications. It will then uninstall Vid Adblock along with them. There are many advantages to having a malware remover. One of the most important ones is that it also functions as a malware and spyware prevention application and is capable of protecting your PC from various online infections. If, however, you choose to delete Vid Adblock manually that is possible as well. The manual Vid Adblock removal guide is right below the article.

Vid Adblock Removal

Windows XP/7, Vista and 8

  1. Click Start or press Win+S and type in Control Panel
  2. Hit Enter and go to Add or remove programs/Uninstall a program
  3. Select Vid Adblock and click Remove/Uninstall

Internet Explorer

  • Gear icon → Manage add-ons → Toolbars and Extensions → Vid Adblock → Remove

Mozilla Firefox

  • Menu → Add-ons → Extensions → Vid Adblock → Remove

Google Chrome

  • Menu → Tools → Extensions → Vid Adblock → Trash can icon

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