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VirLock Ransomware Removal Tips

VirLock Ransomware is a malicious software that displays notification ‘Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked’ when it enters your computer. The notification claims that you have illegal software, informs you about the fact that your files were encrypted, and explains what you have to do to avoid further punishment.

The message comes, supposedly, from National Security Bureau which is a Chinese organization. Do not let yourself be fooled and do not trust this message, because we assure you that Chinese institutions have no power to block your operating system. However, this is not the kind of problem that can be ignored. We urge you to remove VirLock Ransomware from your computer as soon as possible.

VirLocker Ransomware  Remove VirLock Ransomware

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What does VirLock Ransomware do?

As mentioned before, VirLock Ransomware shows a notification claiming that ‘Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked’, because you violated the laws. In this notification cyber criminals that actually send you this message will explain that illegal software was detected inside your computer and therefore, your personal files were encrypted. Additionally, your Windows registry will be reconfigured and the running of executable files will be blocked. In other words, your system will be paralyzed and unresponsive which will impede the VirLock Ransomware removal considerably.

The cyber criminals will demand that you pay $250 in BitCoins in order to get back your files and the control over your system. According to this malicious infection, if you fail to pay the ransom, your personal files will be destroyed and a “warrant will be issued for your arrest”. You should not worry, because this is just one more way for the rogue to scare you into believing this sham.

Do not trust this message and think very carefully before paying the money. Think about the fact that you are sending your money directly to the people who infected your PC in the first place. Also, there is no guarantee that your documents will be returned to you after you pay the money. You should also consider the possibility to decrypt the files with a help of decryption tool. Of course, if you already exhausted all other options, paying the money may be the only hope to get back your information. Nevertheless, even if you decide to pay, you must not forget to terminate VirLock Ransomware.

Our researchers determined that this malware usually attacks the operating system via spam email attachments, drive-by download scams or when you install untrustworthy applications. Be more vigilant in the future and delete VirLock Ransomware as soon as possible.

How to remove VirLock Ransomware?

We hope we proved to you the importance of VirLock Ransomware removal. Do not hesitate and uninstall VirLock Ransomware as soon as you make the decision concerning your files. Below this article, we prepared detailed instructions on how to eliminate VirLock Ransomware. Follow them and clean your PC.

Delete VirLock Ransomware

  1. Use a clean computer to install a legitimate automatic malware removal tool.
  2. Transfer the installer file onto a removable device (for example USB key).
  3. Restart your infected computer.
  4. When you see BIOS start tapping the F8 key.
  5. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt (using the arrow keys) and click Enter.
  6. In the Command Prompt window type cd.. (after C:Windowssystem32) and click Enter.
  7. Now type explorer.exe (after C:Windows) and click Enter once more.
  8. Transfer malware removal tool onto the infected computer.
  9. Launch the installer and activate the automatic malware removal tool.
  10. Scan your operating system to find all threats and choose Fix Threats.
  11. Restart your computer in Normal Mode.

Download Removal Toolto remove VirLock Ransomware

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  1. Lbee

    VirLock Ransomware on my HTC One M7;
    -Cannot access phone at all
    -Cannot power off
    -Cannot access ‘safe mode’
    -I CAN restart my phone, but all access blocked immediately
    -I CAN (by using Vol down & power method) access a screen with the options to:
    (and a cpl other options)
    -IS RESET MY ONLY OPTION?-have seen posts re successful removal on Samsung device, but nothing for HTC One
    -will I need a PC in order to remove it?

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