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Advices on Web Warden Removal

Web Warden is an adware, developed by Intriguing Apps. It is similar to Browserwarden Ads. The fact that this program is classified as adware means that it will constantly show you many annoying advertisements while you surf the Internet. It may look as a good program that helps you save money and which presents you with useful advertisements. Most importantly, it promises to protect you from malicious sites. In reality, this site floods you with advertisements which are dangerous, because their sources are unknown and can be malicious. Thus we recommend you to delete Web Warden.

What does Web Warden do?

It is impossible to download Web Warden directly. However this adware somehow still ends up in your computer. Our researchers discovered that Web Warden enters user’s PC bundled with other programs. This clandestine way of entering should be the first reason to be suspicious of this program. The existence of Web Warden shows vulnerability of your computer, so you should scan it with a trustworthy antivirus and remove Web Warden.

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Even though Web Warden may seem legitimate, it tracks your Internet browsing activity collecting unique identifier numbers, IP addresses, operating systems and browser types in order to customize advertisements to you. It also considerably slows down you computer. The advertisements include targeted videos, coupons, banners, sponsored links, pop-up ads and installation offers from rouge browser plug-ins which are also considered to be adware. Web Warden advertising is based on the system called pay-per-click. That means that for every click on the specific advertisement the owners of Web Warden are paid money. However, you must be aware that these links can be harmful to your computer. The third parties that advertise with the help of Web Warden can infect you PC with viruses, Trojans, and other malware, or to collect your personal data like passwords and user names.

The users usually download this adware unintentionally, because it is bundled with other freeware. To prevent Web Warden from entering your PC, you should follow installation process and downland software only from trustworthy sites. If this adware entered your PC, you should erase Web Warden.

How to remove Web Warden?

Web Warden is an untrustworthy adware. To prevent it from entering your computer you should monitor every download carefully. If this adware is already in your system, we recommend you to delete Web Warden as soon as possible. In order to terminate Web Warden, you have to stop the running process “framework engine.exe.” After that the only thing left will be to uninstall Web Warden. Below this article instructions of how to remove Web Warden through Control Panel are given. Afterwards, scan your computer with legitimate malware removal software.

Remove Web Warden from Windows 8

  • Tap the Windows key. Right-click on the screen.
  • Select All apps.
  • Choose Control Panel and select Uninstall a program.
  • Right-click Web Warden and select Uninstall.

Uninstall Web Warden from Windows Vista &Windows 7

  • Click Start.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program.
  • Right-click Web Warden and select Uninstall.

Delete Web Warden from Windows XP

  • Click Start and select Control Panel.
  • Select Add or Remove Programs.
  • Go to Change or Remove Programs.
  • Choose Web Warden and Remove it.

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