Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker which is compatible with all browsers. is similar to other browser hijackers as its main aim is to disturb your Internet surfing. The browser hjacker will modify your browser settings without your agreement and replace your homepage as well as the default search engine. Although is not technically a virus we assure you it will not do you or your computer any good. You should remove from your system as soon as possible.

How does work? claims to be a program that will improve your browsing experience and help your computer to stay safe while surfing the Web. In reality it does neither of those things. Like most browser hijackers enters your PC via free software. If you download freeware from the Internet it is very likely that there will be other programs bundled with it. The reason or any other browser hijacker may get on the computer is because users rarely check all information before starting the installation. If you do not wish to allow malware to access your computer you should always read the Terms and Agreements and not skip through the installation process.

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However, if you did get infected by this is what will happen. You will notice the increased amount of advertisements in your browser. Various pop-ups, sponsored links and other types of ads will start appearing everywhere. What is worse is that may also modify your search results and trick you into clicking on links that you have no interest in. The reason this unwanted application does that is to improve traffic on the pages that it promotes. As you can see even though may appear like a legitimate search engine it is not. It will not benefit you in any way therefore we suggest to uninstall from your computer.

How to delete

If you want to get rid of there are two ways you can do it. If you choose to terminate the hijacker manually you can use the instructions provided below. However, we recommend completing hijacker’s removal by using a reliable spyware-removal tool such as SpyHunter. There are several advantages to this option. First of all, SpyHunter will detect and remove all components of It will also scan your computer for any other potential threats. And finally, it will protect your system from possible online threats so you can surf the Web without any interruptions. removal

Internet Explorer:

1. Open your browser
2. Click Tools and then Internet Options
3. Select the Advanced tab
4. Click Reset
5. Go to Reset Internet Explorer Settings
6. Choose Delete personal settings
7. Click Reset
8. Click Close and OK
9. Change the homepage.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open your browser
2. Click Help and then Troubleshooting Information
3. Select Reset Firefox a few times and the Finish
4. Replace your homepage

Google Chrome:

1. Open your browser
2. Click on the Menu button
3. Choose Settings and then Show Advanced Settings
4. Click Reset

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